NO. 1 STRIVE FOR ABSOLUTE CLARITY OF PURPOSE. Truly and completely understand the “why” behind your endeavor. NO. 2 TOTALLY BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Understand that no one is better than you and that this business is you. NO. 3 UNDERSTAND NEEDS AND NICHES. Know your customer—and your market. NO. 4 KNOW HOW TO PRIORITIZE. Create structured action plans and assignments—and learn to delegate responsibility. Action plans not only give you a path to follow but also provide accountability for those working with you. You can’t do everything yourself. Delegating responsibilities is critical for walking the path of success. NO. 5 STRIVE TO BUILD A “CONTRIBUTION CULTURE.” Build a model that invites people with various backgrounds and experiences to the table. You’ll benefit from the diversity of ideas and solutions they’ll bring. When you have the right people doing the right jobs, their individual experiences and skill sets will complement one another. NO. 6 KEEP AN OPEN MIND. Your idea is not perfect, and neither are your processes. Embrace change. NO. 7 NETWORK. Keep in mind you have to have the right network—one that aligns with your business—not just a large network. NO. 8 INVEST IN YOURSELF. Body, mind, and soul, you will be putting in everything you have—and then some—into your business. Make sure to invest in yourself to stay fresh and avoid burnout. NO. 9 CHALLENGE YOURSELF. Complacency kills. It’s that simple. NO. 10 EMBRACE INNOVATION. You don’t have to be the “tech guy” in your office, but you do have to believe in the value of technology and embrace innovation.

NO. 11 BE RESILIENT. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Use the challenges you encounter in your business—and in life—to improve. NO. 12 ADOPT A MILLIONAIRE MINDSET. If you don’t agree with this, you must have the billionaire mindset. Every successful entrepreneur you have met has had a failure. If they tell you they haven’t, they are either very lucky or they are lying to you. Either way, aren’t they successful now? That means they overcame the failure. Don’t let problems distract you. Focus on solutions, keep looking forward, and learn from your mistakes. You must recognize you will reinvent yourself and your idea multiple times throughout the process, which means embracing new ideas and making modifications. Listen to your mentors. Most import - ant, listen to your staff and clients. Don’t be scared to change. Embrace it instead. If you can learn to thrive on change, you will create opportunity. If you remember just one thing, it’s this: whatever it takes. If you truly believe and practice that philosophy, you will have the very best opportunity to succeed. •

Bryce Malone is the chief operating officer for Axylyum Charter. Well-known throughout the private lending space, Malone’s experience includes more than

S o, you want to become an entrepreneur in the real estate industry? Get ready for the ride. Your idea for your business is just the beginning. You must find a business model for carrying out your idea. You must build a plan and processes. And, importantly, you must have strong convictions. If you do not believe in yourself and your idea, your plan and processes won’t matter. Successful entrepreneurs follow their own 12-step program. Here are the 12 core steps you must completely embrace with passion and commitment if you wish to be successful.

25 years in the mortgage and financial services industries. Previously, he was vice president of operations for First Residential Mortgage (dba Surepoint Lending), where he led a staff of nearly 200 mortgage professionals. From there, he made the transition from broker to banker, producing an average of $168 million monthly. At Surepoint Lending, Malone oversaw all operations with a focus on investor and warehouse relations, secondary markets, impaired assets, and legal and compliance. In further developing impaired assets monetization, Malone became a managing partner of Right House Capital, a leading default asset liquidity company, where he later sold his stock options. Malone’s dedicated approach defines organizational success, not only in margin maximization, but on the overall focus on efficiency of processes and market adaption.

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