Take time to review the experience level of your potential contractors and reach out to any references they provide to get a sense of what it will be like to work with them. EDUCATING YOURSELF TO COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY In addition to selecting the right team for the project, as an entrepreneur, you must familiarize yourself with the construction process. Without a basic knowledge of what will be constructed and how that is accomplished, you will be unable to effectively communicate with your build team, municipal authorities, and investors in your business. Basic knowledge of the

construction process will allow you to accurately assess the work your team produces and ensures you can articulate your vision for the build‑out of your facility. Many business owners are left to rely entirely on their build team and are unable to offer input that would more fully bring their dream to life. Even a basic review of online videos showing construction in progress will furnish you with the correct terminology to communicate the needs of your business to those that will design and construct your facility. This knowledge will also be useful in the future if you decide to make additional renovations or to expand to new locations requiring additional construction.

THOROUGH PLANNING LEADS TO SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS The obstacles posed by a construction project can be one of the most challeng- ing aspects of starting a new business. Retrofitting or building the ideal facility is the first step toward success. Keep - ing your budget in line, engaging the appropriate team, and understanding basic construction procedures will help you move past the construction phase and focus on building your business. • David Jacobs is a senior project specialist with Owner Builder Advisors. His experience includes construction labor, construction risk management, and sales. Jacobs uses his background of both on-site and in-office construction work to better assist his clients. Jacobs is an avid outdoorsman and spends weekends guiding bike and kayak tours.

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