job to them. It is a life and a lifestyle. They go on vacation and can’t help but look for deals wherever they are. The first email they open every morning is the one listing 10 houses you are sure to love from Zillow. They eat, sleep, and breathe real estate. These are closer to hitting the definition of entrepreneur than those that are just real estate investors at the peak of the market. Given our current marketplace, many real estate investors will go running for the hills. Rising interest rates, housing shortages, and lean margins have already pushed out some, and others have already run to other mediums for investing. NO. 2 RISK OVER REWARD. Warren Buffett, probably the most quoted investor in the world, said: “I will tell you how to become rich. Close

BEING A REAL ESTATE ENTREPRENEUR IN THE CURRENT MARKET Now that we have defined what an entrepreneur is and you have done some self-reflection to see if the definition fits, let’s consider actions an entrepreneur might take in

the current economic climate. NO. 1 PASSION OVER FEAR.

Some real estate investors invest, buy, flip, hold, and wholesale because they love real estate—and they love the deals. They will never leave the market no matter what state it is in. I met a lot of these investors back in 2008-2010. While they were running into the market, many others were running out. They saw opportunity no matter which way the market was headed. Real estate is more than just a

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