he’s learned. He and many other contributors in this issue can give you some pointer’s on embracing the entrepreneur inside of you. A few things to highlight are the upcoming Think Realty Conference and Expo in Tampa from July 21-22. The conference will cover a variety of topics educating all levels of investors on how to “Build Wealth in Any Real Estate Cycle.” Visit to see our complete agenda and speaker lineup. And, as always, Think Realty’s GRC (Govern- mental Relations Committee) is working hard to ensure the voices of real estate investors are heard. Read their updates on page 74. There is always money to be made in real estate, no matter the cycle. Think Realty was created to give investors more time to create wealth, so they could fulfill their passion. Where are you in your real estate investing career? Have you started, or are you trying to scale your portfolio? Regardless of where you are, seek out the right resources and take the risk to set yourself apart from others. Actions speak louder than words. Say you can do it—and then do it! •

genuinely believe everyone possesses

an entrepreneurial spirit. We have all had that thought or idea that we “think” could be big or life changing. Fear is the biggest factor in whether

you embrace the entrepreneurial spirit or stop after the thought and do nothing. Sometimes the only thing separating you from those who are most successful is just that—fear. But as Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time, famously said: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” That quote has made many people see that if you do nothing, nothing happens. Like many others, I have been fearful of failure, scared to take the risk, scared that I would not financially be able to recover. That is the beautiful part about real estate investing: Resources are readily available to help you mitigate your risk. Check out the cover story on Garrett Sutton on page 22 to learn how his entrepreneurial spirit propelled him into the successful businessman he is today—and how he’s sharing the valuable insights and lessons

Here’s to your investing!


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