Our mantra at PlanOmatic is to help our clients win. We help our clients think through some of these challenging issues. We have data from our other clients and vendors, and with that, we can come up with some answers to their challenges, TIM ROSE—DATA AND INTEGRATION MANAGER AT PLANOMATIC

of time. If you have beautiful real estate photography completed at the beginning of your REI journey and you have a designated space to store those photos, you’re ready to go when it comes time to pre-lease your property during a tenant turnover. DATA ANALYSIS AND VISUALIZATION PlanOlabs acquires its data from several places, but often, real estate investors already have that information—they just don’t know how to use it. PlanOlabs takes your data, analyzes it, and determines where a process can be adjusted. As an example, we had a client who knew they had a challenge with quick turnovers. They always found a large gap between a turnover and a new move-in but couldn’t pinpoint what was causing the issue. Their data provided the answer. Tim analyzed the data they provided and learned there was a regional correlation. This issue was only happening in a few markets. So, with these insights, they were able to determine the best-performing markets, learn their process, and replicate it in the poor-performing market. INDUSTRY RESEARCH Another way PlanOlabs gathers data is through data mining. Data that is publicly available from competitors, vendors, and other investors is carefully researched to

produce high-impact information. With this information, PlanOlabs can provide benchmarks for our clients who want to move up to that next tier in real estate investing. Without benchmarks, you won’t know what success looks like. If you’re new to this high tier of real estate investing, you’ll want to know what other investors are doing so you can be at their level. For example, 51% of institutional inves - tors use professional photography, while only 30% of the overarching rental market uses professional photography. So, if you want to keep up with the institutional investor, you’ll want to do the same. • At PlanOmatic, our goal is to help our clients win. Whether winning looks like reducing vacancy rates or growing into an institutional investor, our data analysis and visualization, cycle optimization, and industry research will help you achieve those goals. Learn more about PlanOlabs and how it can support you and your REI goals. Kori Covrigaru is the co-founder and CEO of PlanOmatic, a provider of Property Insights, 3D tours, photography, and floor plans for real estate nationwide. The company’s full suite of property insights and marketing services allow SFR investors, owners, and operators to make fast, accurate, and well-informed decisions throughout the property life cycle, including acquisition, renovation, and leasing. With a vetted network of professional contractors across the country, PlanOmatic ensures SFR investors, owners, and operators receive all orders within 48 hours. For more information, visit

Once we understand the process and who is involved, we look at how tasks could be centralized or automated to simplify the process.


When Tim Rose began building PlanOlabs, the first thing he did was create a property lifecycle map. No matter the issue, the solution to that problem can be found in the property lifecycle. Within the larger property lifecycle are smaller cycles for acquiring or building the property, renovating the property, marketing the property, tenant turnover, and creating an exit strategy. Each of these cycles can be streamlined—that’s where the Workflow Workshop comes in. During a Workflow Workshop, we work with our clients to paint a picture of what their workflow could look like. We identify the parts of the process that can be automated or streamlined to optimize the process. One goal we often see from our clients is to reduce vacancy time. To accomplish this, you need to pre-lease. To pre-lease, you need professional photography ahead

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