supercharge his quest. This is an activity that Fettke is passionate about. He’s often found climbing sheer rock wall cliffs or walking along a high line that’s stretched across a gorge. Of course, that’s not a requirement for creating wealth or living a better life, but it certainly adds spice to the story as well as some adrenaline in real life, if you’re game! SHARING LIFE LESSONS The lessons Fettke portrays in the book are based on his own experience as well as stories he’s heard from other people. Many of those shared experiences come from people Fettke and Kathy have interviewed on “The Real Wealth Show.” But the most profound life-changing experience for Fettke happened about 20 years ago, before he and Kathy got into real estate. Fettke was told he had inoperable skin cancer with just six months to live. As Fettke describes it, the diagnosis “stopped him dead in his tracks.” And while he spent several soul-searching months in fear and despair, Kathy stepped into the role of breadwinner. She discovered real estate and found mentors who could teach her about investing. Fortunately, the doctor’s diagnosis was wrong. The cancer was curable, but there was no turning back to their

old lives. Fettke and his wife had become fully committed to their new roles as real estate investors and the creation of passive income. They also wanted to share what they had learned with friends, so they formed a small network. The network has since grown into a multifaceted real estate investing company called RealWealth with a current membership of about 60,000 people. Fettke wrote “The Wise Investor” to share more of what he’s learned in the last 20 or so years. In addition to the story, the book also provides a list of useful tools and resources. You’ll get access to Ryan’s Notebook with important highlights and insights from the story, a Life Wheel assessment diagram that you can use to determine where your own life needs improvement, and an audio recording called “Future Self” that Fettke does as a guided exercise every year for RealWealth members. Other resources include information on RealWealth, real estate investing, and Fettke’s personal list of recommended books, podcasts, and websites. •

Donna Behrens is a podcast producer and writer for RealWealth, a beta reader for “The Wise Investor,” and a former television news writer in the San Francisco Bay area.

Behrens graduated from the University of California - Berkeley and currently lives in Southern California.

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