INVESTMENT STRATEGY 8  Tips For Lending During a (Possible) Downturn

64  5 Keys to Success in Business Success in real estate investing and business hinges on these key principles. by Tom Olson

38  Getting Started as a Real Estate Investor An article series on navigating the private lending world by Damon Riehl

Just because the run may be nearing an end doesn’t mean your real estate investing career must also. by Romney Navarro 10  7 Tips to Guide a New Entrepreneur’s Path You may be in the driver’s seat, but you may not always know which direction to steer. by Abhi Golhar

40  Building for Success


The obstacles inherent in a construction project can be one of the most challenging aspects of starting a new business. by David Jacobs 42  Why a Slowing Market Can Present New Opportunities for Investors Three factors are key to investors’ ability to continue earning profits. by Susan Naftulin 44  Start Investing in Real Estate for Highest Long- Term ROI Start small and learn as you go. by Grant Cardone 48  What Is a True Entrepreneur? Throw away your contemporary dictionary definitions to get at the heart of what makes entrepreneurs tick. by Eddie Wilson 52  SOPs Are the Key to Business Success Providing a consistent customer experience depends on having standard operating procedures in place. by Greg Slaughter 54  Getting the Most Out of Your Network Effective networking, like anything, is a skill that needs to be exercised and honed. by Kurt Coleman 56  What Is Your Entrepreneur Community or Tribe? Finding and participating in a tribe can challenge you to develop knowledge and skills that lead to greater opportunities. by Jeff Roth 58  Marketing on the Go Six tips for putting mobile marketing to work for your real estate endeavors. by Jenifer Calandra 60  Optimize Your Real Estate Portfolio with PlanOlabs Our data analysis and visualization, cycle optimization, and industry research will help you achieve your REI goals. by Kori Covrigaru 62  3 Quick Tips for Becoming a Smart Investor Following these guidelines will make your life easier, help your business grow faster, and offer peace of mind. by Rob Fuller

66  Elevate Your Finances and Your Best Self with “The Wise Investor” by Rich Fettke by Donna Behrens


12  Corporate Opportunities

70  Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Interior Designer? Creating big, bold, and beautiful designs requires a confident decision maker. by Michele Van Der Veen

Do the rules apply to real estate? by Garrett Sutton

14  You Cannot Profit from Yesterday’s Growth But you can profit from future growth. by Kyle Jones 16  Retirement Accounts Vs. Real Estate Investing Investing in real estate, like saving for retirement, is a long-term play; however, it can set you up for a lucrative future. by Zach Lemaster 18  Tangible Assets in a Shrinking Economy Residential properties, especially rentals, can help you ride out a recession or market downturn. by Robert Knight 20  Transforming Communities Via Real Estate Innovations Real estate developers can solve complex societal issues by thinking creatively. by Steve Streetman OPERATIONS 26  7 Common Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Small Business You can beat the odds and experience success by following these tips. by Luke Babich


74  Update from Think Realty Government Relations Committee by Abhi Golhar


76  The Market for New Construction Rentals in Southwest Florida Southwest Florida is red hot, and funding for new construction rentals is creating even more opportunity. by Gary Pinkerton


78  Investors More Bearish, But Still Buying Aggressively at Auction Value-add investing strategy for distressed properties not highly dependent on rapid price appreciation by Daren Blomquist 80  Play the Odds If home prices start to slide, which cities are at greater risk for a correction? by Ingo Winzer

30  How to Thrive in Turbulent Markets

Consider these five steps to guide you to continued success. by Arianne Lemire

32  A 12-Step Program for Entrepreneurs

Follow this approach to create a successful business. by Bryce Malone


36  Rethink How You Market and Grow Your Business Follow this approach to create a successful business. by Suni Goff

82  Maximize Profit and Minimize Taxes with Real Estate Investing by Abhi Golhar

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