3 T HE DEAL IS STILL KING. When in doubt, investors can find some comfort in knowing that one of the effects of the bull market of the last 10+ years is that capital is now abundant—more so than at any time in the history of the country. Deals, however, are scarce, making them the prize. Remember that 3.8 million housing deficit? There was once a time when this was not the case, and “capital was king.” Because this is not the situation anymore (and may not be for some time), if you find yourself in a position where you want to capitalize on a deal but interest rates and credit standards are too high to take advantage of an opportunity, don’t forget about capital partners. Instead of buying a home with a traditional mortgage or a private loan, consider a partner, whether it’s a one-off investor, an investor group, or an institution. Potential partners are sitting on more capital than ever and will likely be happy to share, because they don’t have the same access to deals that you do. •

(from starter to luxury homes). Focusing on homes at or around your respective market’s “median home price” will certainly allow you the luxury of a larger buyer pool and may result in quicker sales—a key in value-add investing when holding cost can take up so much of your bottomline profits. 2 IF THEY ARE NOT BUYING, THEY ARE RENTING. If fewer people are buying but still need a place to live, what do they naturally do? They rent. By focusing on a rental strategy, you may find that you can withstand the storm of a downturn (whether mild, moderate, or severe) as income producing properties “pay for themselves.” There are economics at play here too (higher interest rates also mean higher payments for landlords), but a property with income is always better during a time of uncertainty than a property without income. As an added benefit, should property values see any sort of a decrease, you may also find yourself “buying right” during a cool-down period.

Romney Navarro is the CEO of Streamline Funding. Having been with the firm in various capacities since 2008, today Romney concentrates on the company’s long-term growth initiatives by focusing on repetition, relationships and recruiting. Romney is also a partner at Noble Capital, Streamline’s parent company with his there having evolved from overseeing the lending company’s loan originations to overseeing the parent company’s marketing initiatives. A proud member of the American Association of Private Lenders, Romney has participated in the origination of over $1 BN in non-consumer investment loans throughout his career. In 2015, Romney launched the Investment Real Estate RoundTable (a Texas-based investment club with over 5,000 members), and in 2018 was the host of the highly-acclaimed Firestarters Podcast, known among real estate investors and developers as a premier source for those looking to scale their businesses. In his spare time, Romney appreciates an active outdoor lifestyle with his family and friends. In addition, Romney is an avid whiskey collector who one day looks to retire on a beach and finally enjoy the fruits of his collection. Above all else, Romney believes mastery can be achieved through repetition and continuously strives to lead his team to be masters of their respective crafts. This allows all involved to provide the best possible experience for borrowers. In 2019, this philosophy earned him and the firm the prestigious, “Think Realty Honors Private Lender of The Year Award.”

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