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Total Wet Room Anti-Ligature Solution

Strong emphasis is placed on designs that incorporate home like, non-institutional, and patient-centred environments that imbue healing, familiarity, and a sense of being valued.

The design of our products reflects a new vision and philosophy for mental health facilities that is rooted in hope, healing and recovery.

Anti-Ligature Shower Activation and Shower Outlets

GalvinCare® Thermo Progressive Shower Mixer

Safe-Cell® Vandal Resistant Shower Rose

Product Code


Product Code



1/2" NPT - Female


1/2" NPT - Female

The Safe-Cell® Vandal Resistant Shower Rose with bolting plate provides both anti-vandalism and anti-ligature features.

GalvinCare® lever handle operates on/off temperature controls for straight forward operation.

This shower is used extensively in high risk, high security applications such as prisons, correctional facilities and detention centres. Features; Vandal Resistant 6.5LPM Constant Flow Restrictor Front or rear fixing Minimises hiding of contraband Minimises suicide risk Minimises self-harm risk Chrome plate finish for easy cleaning and added durability

Suitable for high and low pressure systems it can be set to deliver a thermostatically controlled water temperature of 45ºC maximum. Features; Enables water to be mixed closer to the point of discharge, minimising stagnant warm water which provides ideal conditions legionella bacteria to grow. Maximum temperature limiter fitted for protection from accidental scalding. The GalvinCare® control handle is easy to use, and minimises ligature risk. Technical Information; Hot Temperature Supply Range (°C): 50 - 85 Cold Temperature Supply Range (°C): 5 - 25 Adjustable Temperature (°C): 35 - 45 Operating Working Pressure (kPa): 20 - *500 Maximum Outlet Pressure* (kPa): 500 kPa Permitted Supply Pressure Variation: 10:1 Construction: Brass Finish: Chrome

Technical Information; Inlet: 1/2" NPT - Female Outlet: Shower Rose Headwork: N/A

Working Pressure Range (kPa): 150 Min - 500 Max Working Temperature Range (°C): 5 Min - 70 Max Nominal Flow Rate (LPM): 7 Construction: Brass Finish: Chrome

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