Dear Friends: I am pleased to address commercial real estate profes- sionals throughout the Mid Atlantic States in this issue of the Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal. Under the oversight of Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, the New Jersey Partnership for Action has made tremendous strides in revitalizing our state’s economy. The Partnership’s three agencies - Choose New Jersey, the Business Action Center and the Economic Development Authority - have attracted new business and helped existing busi- nesses thrive by focusing on relationship building and person to person outreach, promoting the state’s Mid Atlantic R EAL E STATE J OURNAL S POLIGHT Economic Development In Delaware, we recognize, at all levels of government, the value and importance of the commercial real estate market in recruiting companies to the First State. We appreciate the collective role you play in our economic development. Delaware is the legal home to more than 900,000 business entities, including more than 50% of all U.S. publicly traded companies. Companies choose Delaware because we provide a comprehensive business environment, modern and flexible corporate tax laws, a highly respected judiciary, a business-friendly state government and a superior customer service-oriented staff in the Delaware Division of Corporations. D ELAWARE Governor Markell N EW J ERSEY Mid Atlantic Real Estate Journal — Economic Development — January 25 - February 7, 2013 — 25A Governor Christie


Creating and expanding business and job opportunities in Delaware is one of my top priorities as Governor. When I meet with business leaders, I ask one question: how can we facilitate your success? Often, the answers focus on creating an environment where businesses feel welcomed and supported and their employees can live and work and enjoy a great quality of life. That’s what we’re focused on in Delaware. I look to your continued success as an industry and extend my regards to the commercial real estate professionals of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I encourage you to visit Delaware and talk to us about what Delaware uniquely offers businesses and families, as we work together to keep Delaware – and the entire Mid-Atlantic region – moving forward. Sincerely, Jack A. Markell Governor

incentives and resources, developing pro-growth policies and assisting businesses in navigating state government and programs. In addition, we have reduced administrative red tape, restrictive mandates and prohibitive taxes to make New Jersey’s business climate more favorable. As the Garden State recovers from the devastation of Super Storm Sandy, I am encouraged by the resolve of its citizens and business owners. New Jerseyans have endured and I am confident that we will rebuild - stronger and better than ever. I look forward to working with all those affiliated with the real estate profession on investing in our shared future. Best wishes to all for a successful year. Sincerely, Chris Christie Governor



Virginia: Open for Business The Commonwealth of Virginia was founded as a business venture more than 400 years ago, and that legacy continues today as Virginia remains the top state in which to do business, as rated by several independent industry publications. Virginia continues to earn accolades and attract businesses from around the county and around the world because of our pro-business environment that offers lower operating costs, a stable six percent corporate income tax that hasn’t increased since 1972, property tax exemptions, a highly skilled and available workforce, strategic location at the heart of the East Coast, and one of the lowest combined

It is my pleasure to extend my best personal regards and appreciation to the real estate profes- sionals of the Mid-Atlantic Region. I commend you for contributing to the vitality of the Com- monwealth’s economy and for working towards a more prosperous future for Pennsylvania and our neighbors. The Commonwealth remains com- mitted to economic growth and job creation for our state’s citizens. My administration recognizes that growing the private sector is the only way to accomplish these goals. I am confident that

state/local/use taxes at five percent. Virginia also offers a variety of performance-based incentives that it uses to attract and retain business investments and to attract new jobs to the Common- wealth. From tax credits to tax exemptions, Virginia continues to demonstrate its willingness to invest in those who invest and reinvest in the Commonwealth. Virginia has one of the country’s most technically advanced, on-line site selection search tools—VirginiaScan. VirginiaScan allows companies to search a database of more than 1,800 qualified sites and buildings across the Commonwealth. In addition to site and building specifications, VirginiaScan enables companies to search for an ideal business location using Virginia workforce statistics, existing business data and a host of other information that is driving today’s business site-selection process. Sincerely, Bob McDonnell, Governor Governor McDonnell

Governor Corbett

you share my passion for creating economic growth and I look forward to continue working with you in the years ahead to better serve Pennsylvania’s citizens and make our region an attractive place for businesses to grow and succeed. As Governor, and on behalf of all Pennsylvanians, I am pleased to extend my best wishes to the real estate professionals of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and New Jersey for continued success in growing the economy in our state and our region.

Sincerely, Tom Corbett, Governor

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