Kelly Law July 2017


wanted to be a lawyer ever since I was a kid. In many ways, I think this impulse came straight frommy dad. He was a successful trial lawyer whom I greatly admired. Back in those days, lawyers worked half days on Saturdays. I remember tagging along on those Saturday trips to the office and just kind of hanging out, spending time with him. Somewhere around age 10, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer just like my dad. After 45 years of actively practicing law, I guess you could say I persevered. Most new lawyers dabble in different types of cases before finding their exclusive focus, and I was no different. I particularly enjoy representing injured people; it gives you an opportunity to truly improve a person’s life and help those who aren’t getting the assistance they deserve. But it didn’t become my true passion until I took on a case that, unfortunately, hit too close to home. My sister tragically passed away from medical malpractice due to a missed cancer diagnosis, leaving her husband and two young daughters behind. It was an incredibly painful moment in my life, but luckily, I was able to offer some small solace to her family. I represented them in their litigation against the doctor who missed the diagnosis and was able to get some security through settlement during that impossible, trying time. That was the moment in which I realized the power of an effective personal injury attorney. We can have a tangible, positive impact on a person’s life, even in the direst circumstances. Helping Those Who My Journey Into Personal Injury Law Need It Most I

In fact, whenever somebody asks me what I do for a living, I never tell them that I’m a lawyer or a personal injury attorney. I tell them,“I help injured people.”To me, that’s what it’s all about.

As a rider myself, I’ve made it my personal mission to aid my fellowmotorcyclists after they’re hit or injured on the road. One particular case that sticks with me occurred just this past year. A local kid was trying to start his truck to get to work, but it was completely dead. So, he jumped on his bike and headed carefully down the road. A bus, turning left, plowed right into him. His father found one of our“Biker Benefit Cards”in his son’s wallet, figured it meant something, and gave us a call. When I got to the hospital, the boy was in a coma with catastrophic injuries. We got him a record-tying settlement in Cook County, Illinois. My experiences on my bike, as well as the rest of us at the firm, puts our team in a unique position to understand and present these cases in court. We know about the bias against bikers, the circumstances in which it’s best to lay the bike down, and we know better than anyone how these accidents happen and who is to blame. Insurance companies, the police, and drivers will almost invariably point the finger at the person on the bike, but the data and our personal experience shows otherwise. I’m grateful to work in such a rewarding career. There aren’t many jobs in which you get to come in every day and change a person’s life for the better. It’s the privilege of serving my clients that has kept me coming to work these last 45 years. Tim Kelly 1



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