Oaks Designer Resource Guide 6.0 (Canada)

Pedestal Set Applications Another question we often get is “what product(s) do you recommend for pedestal set applications”? For those not familiar with pedestal set applications, plastic spacers or pedestals are used to elevate concrete slabs over a built up roof to create an elevated deck. This is generally done to create a horizontal (i.e. easily navigable) surface over a roof deck that is otherwise uneven or sloping, or above ductwork, service pipes or electrical cabling on the rooftop. Unfortunately, prior to 2022 there was no production standard for slabs used in pedestal applications so we refrained from recommending any products. However, in 2021 it was determined that a “2000 lb center load test applied to full size slabs” would be the recommended standard; we then used this to validate the acceptability of our Molina ® (60mm) 24 x 24 Stone (see page 42) for use in pedestal applications.

Full-Size Slab, Corner Support Testing

Creating Patterns and Mosaics One of the main reasons that Oaks Segmental Pavements are used by design professionals is the variety of colours, sizes and textures available. You can create anything from simple geometric patterns to random layouts to complex mosaics. When reviewing your options, it is important to note that some of our products come pre-blended with multiple-sized pieces in a bundle, while other products have several separately-packaged size, colour and/or texture options that can be blended on site based on the design. The Product Summary pages indicate which products come in pre-blended or separately packaged bundles. PAT (pattern image) files are now available for Oaks pavers. We have made it easier for you to auto-fill design areas and rotate and scale patterns as needed. Copy our PAT files into the default AutoCAD support folder for hatch patterns, and Oaks patterns will be listed in your hatch menu.

PAT FILES FOR ALL OUR PAVER AND SLAB PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE! Visit the RESOURCES section of our website: www.bramptonbrick.com/en/resource-search. There you’ll find everything from laying pattern summaries to AutoCAD patterns, drawings and files.



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