Oaks Designer Resource Guide 6.0 (Canada)

We’re here to help you by understanding your needs... As a manufacturer of landscape products, we get the opportunity to talk with many design professionals, be they architects, landscape architects, landscape designers, planners or engineers. One common theme we’re hearing in these conversations is that there are simply too many product choices and too much information circulating for any design pro to be an expert on all things. The common request that filters out of these conversations is: Can we, the manufacturer, provide product specific expertise and guidance on how to properly use the products we make? Our answer is a resounding “Yes; it’s our pleasure to help”! This Designer Resources Guide, as well as our Continuing Education offering, were developed to provide the design community with the most up-to-date and unbiased technical support available. While this guide provides a high-level summary of the design tools and resources available from Oaks, it also identifies which Oaks products are best suited for different applications. Our Continuing Education offering focuses on innovative new topics such as:

1) F inding Balance Between Place and Movement using the Woonerf Concept

2) Stabilized Backfill Creates All New Opportunities for Segmental Retaining Walls

We want to be your One Trusted Source of not only a quality, versatile product range but also technical guidance and support. Contact your Oaks Sales Representative to arrange a Lunch and Learn session for your team, and learn more about how Oaks is always here to help.

> > > > We have the resources to help you every step of the way! DESIGN/ EVALUATION •  ASCE and CMHA Manuals and Software •  Capital and Life Cycle Costing Software •  ASTM site inspection protocols •  VESPA design software for retaining walls SPECIFICATION TENDER •  CSA and ASTM Standards •  Sample Specifications, Patterns, CAD details •  Direct design assistance complete with stamped drawings •  PAT paver pattern files for use in AutoCAD MAINTENANCE •  Oaks Maintenance Guides •  Warranty •  CSA/ASTM Quality Compliance Reports PLANNING •  Oaks Design Resource Guide •  Comprehensive library of supporting documentation •  Examples of existing LID BMP projects •  Environmental Product Declarations CONSTRUCTION •  Oaks Inspection Checklists •  CMHA Contractor Certification Training •  CMHA Inspector Certification Training



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