Oaks Designer Resource Guide 6.0 (Canada)

Getting Back To Nature With Planting Beds

Wall: Ortana, Greyfield Pavers: Avenue Series, Greyfield

Planting beds are an easy way to provide pockets of colour and life to a yard, which makes the area more inviting and appealing. Defined planting areas also help protect plantings by discouraging pedestrians from walking in the area, and plants tend to be healthier and more productive as one can control the quality of the soil and water drainage. For Planting Beds enclosed by taller walls (where geogrid reinforcement would typically be needed), Multi Depth Gravity or Stabilized Backfill walls can be used to prevent any conflicts with tree root balls. The diagram below shows how the stabilized backfill can be installed in a wedge configuration to accommodate plantings, while the photo adjacent is of a Proterra TM Multi Depth Gravity wall installation.

Wall: Proterra™ Smooth, Natural (Multi Gravity Wall)

Plantings per site plan

Geosynthetic reinforcement every third course maximum. To extend to back of stabilized backfill wedge. Separation geotextile between stabilized backfill and topsoil Stabilized backfill - ensure wedge volume equates to design depth volume based on site specific design conditions

Cores to be filled with stabilized backfill

Extend geosynthetic Reinforcement to within

25mm (1”) of front Edge of block face

Low permeability granular material to bottom of drainpipe

100mm [4.0”] Dia. Minimum drainpipe (Elevation based on discharge location)


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