Oaks Designer Resource Guide 6.0 (Canada)

Incorporating Guards, Fences and Barriers


SURFACE MOUNTED DECORATIVE RAILING When mounting a decorative railing to the top of our Proterra TM , Nueva ® or Ortana products, gluing a couple of courses together is not enough. To meet Building Code requirements, a minimum of three courses of wall blocks should be mechanically fastened together using threaded rods epoxied into place. With the Nueva ® 150 wall, the built in cores provide a convenient way to insert the threaded rods without extensive drilling.

Decorative guard (by others)

Drill holes through coping and into first course of standard units. Anchors to secure to standard units, not the coping units.

Coping unit

Surface finish per site plan

Insert two 10m (3/8”) H.D. Galvanized rods into top three course of wall units at each post location and grout into place. Ensure cores are completely filled.

One layer geogric reinforcement minimum

Nueva ® 150 Wall unit

Cores to be filled with clear stone to bottom of third course of wall blocks

Wall:Proterra TM Smooth, Natural


TUBULAR STEEL OR ALUMINUM RAILINGS With round or square tubular railings, standard practice is to core drill through three courses of wall block into which the tubing is extended and grouted into place; be sure to crown the grout at surface to shed water away from the core holes. It is recommended that Proterra TM be used in this type of application as there is a reduced risk of unit cracking due to the core drilling as long as the cores are a minimum of 125mm (5”) from any edge of the unit and core holes do not exceed 75mm (3”) diametre.

Pedestrian Guard

Core drill through 3 Courses of units minimum

Geosynthetic Reinforcement

Wall: Proterra™ Split, Natural


SONOTUBE PLACEMENT BEHIND THE WALL For smaller Oaks products, the weight of the wall will not provide the required resistance to overturning. For best results, secure the guard posts in Sonotubes filled with concrete. These are best located behind the wall (per diagram on Page 34). Where space is tight, you can install the Sonotubes under the wall, with the SRW independent of the fence posts.


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