Oaks Designer Resource Guide 6.0 (Canada)

Incorporating Guards, Fences and Barriers


With higher privacy fences or noise barriers, in areas of high wind loads, or where there are traffic barriers, it will be necessary to install the fence/barrier in sono tubes behind the wall, and to adjust the geogrid lengths accordingly. The photo below shows sono tubes (black) being used for a traffic barriers along the roadway, and large diametre HPDE piping (green) being used for a 3m noise wall. PRIVACY FENCE, NOISE BARRIERS OR TRAFFIC BARRIERS IN SONO TUBES BEHIND THE WALL

Privacy fence or noise barrier

Sonotube (installed during wall construction)

Depth Varies

Stabilized Backfill (Depth and thickness based on site specific conditions)

IMPORTANT When a fence is within the Reinforce Soil Zone, install Sonotubes during wall construction. This will prevent damage to the grid resulting from sleeves being punched or augured through the reinforced zone. Wrap the geogrid around the Sonotube. Cut only the cross members of the grid, not the strength members. Provide at least 25mm (1”) clearance between the inside of the sleeve and the outside of the post to allow for mortar and grout.

Privacy fence or noise barrier support post (by others) embedded in stabilized backfill

Where there is limited property behind the wall, or the property owner wants to limit the gap between the back of wall and fence or barrier, stabilized backfill can be used. Stabilized backfill is much more rigid than granular fill, so distributes the overturning action over a greater area, and in turn allows the fence or barrier to be moved closer to the wall face. PRIVACY FENCE, NOISE BARRIER OR TRAFFIC BARRIER IN STABILIZED BACKFILL

Surface finish per site plan

Top of Coping

Filter Fabric around stabilized backfill

Stabilized backfill min. 450mm wide (from back of wall) Install geogrid at locations shown on wall layout (TYP.). Geogrid to extend from within 25mm of face of wall to within 25mm of back of stabilized backfill Low permeability granular material to bottom of drain pipe

Finished Grade

Bottom of Wall


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