Oaks Designer Resource Guide 6.0 (Canada)

Product Technology and Quality

These advanced manufacturing technologies are used in select product lines to create a higher standard of material.

EliteFinish ™ is an advanced manufacturing process that delivers richer, more vibrant colour and a harder wearing, more durable and smoother textured surface. The surface of our EliteFinish™ products is a specially engineered layer of finely-ground, durable aggregates combined with rich colour and concentrated cement. The paver foundation uses coarser stone to ensure long term performance in application. The resulting product delivers an enhanced finish and greater structural integrity.

ColorBold ™ is an integral treatment employed during manufacturing that provides a new level of colour longevity and stain resistance. ColorBold™ is a proprietary process where supplemental ingredients penetrate the surface of the product to become an integral part of the unit. Enhanced colour depth, extended colour durability, improved resistance to stains and acidic materials, as well as improved freeze-thaw capability due to decreased moisture absorption are all benefits delivered with products featuring ColorBold™. Other colour enhancement products are sealers applied post production, after the concrete has been thoroughly cured; the chemical can only penetrate whatever surface voids are present, with the balance being left as a film on the paver surface.

Products with EliteFinish™: Molina ® 60mm, Market Paver, Molina ® 80mm, Eterna


Products with ColorBold™: Molina ® 60mm, Market Paver, Molina ® 80mm

Without ColorBold™

With ColorBold™

Durable, aggregate base for a strong foundation



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