Oaks Designer Resource Guide 6.0 (Canada)

In this section... 06 Segmental Concrete Pavement Systems 08 Traffic Defines Product Choices 09 Pedestal Set Applications 09 Creating Patterns and Mosaics 10 Safe Pavements 11 Capital and Life Cycle Costing

12 What Is A Permeable Pavement? 13 Selecting Which PICP System To Use

13 PICP Pavement Design 14 Hydraulic Design Factors

15 Storm Water Quality Modelling 15 Storm Water Quantity Modelling 16 Paying Attention To The Details 18 Designing For Northern Climates

19 Economics Of PICP 20 PICP Maintenance

21 Segmental Retaining And Architectural Walls 22 Wall Classifications (Design Options) 23 Stabilized Backfill Wall 23 Multi Depth Gravity Wall 24 Wall Design – How Can Oaks Help? 25 General Costing Comparisons 25 Project Specific Quantity Estimates 26 Stamped Wall Drawings 27 Creating Outdoor Features Or Spaces 28 Getting Back To Nature With Planting Beds 29 Segmental Retaining Walls Increase Usable Space 30 Constructing Ramps, Staircases and Seating 31 Incorporating Guards, Fences and Barriers 35 Drainage Design and Water Considerations


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