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NATIONAL BOOK MONTH: What John C. Maxwell Has Taught Me About Leadership

The nature of books can have an unbelievable impact on your perspective, regardless of subject matter. For example, books such as “Landscaping for Dummies” teaches you the art of planting, watering, and weeding your garden bed, while fictional books like the Hunger Games series, a science- fiction dystopian adventure story about overthrowing the government, do a lot to entertain and engage you. Then you have books like “To Kill a Mockingbird,” which awakened people to the prejudice and racism present in the American South. No matter the topics being explored, books allow readers to perceive the world in new ways. Because January has been dubbed National Book Month, I want to spend some of this edition talking about an author who’s had a considerable impact on me throughout the years: John C. Maxwell. Maxwell is an American pastor and speaker who has written and published over 60 books, most of them dealing with the concept of effective leadership. The first book of his I encountered was “Developing the Leader Within You.” Approximately 12 years ago, a FALLS ON LEADERSHIP,’ AND IN MY OWN EXPERIENCES, I FIND THAT TO BE 100 PERCENT TRUE.” “MAXWELL CLAIMS, ‘EVERYTHING RISES AND

Maxwell and talking to him one-on-one. His speaking events usually consist of audiences of over 1,000 people, but for this conference, there were only 50 people, which gave me the chance to talk to Maxwell on several occasions. While Maxwell’s conference speeches and books have taught me much about teamwork, communication, and personal and professional success, the most impactful knowledge I’ve come away with deals with effective leadership. In fact, Maxwell claims, “Everything rises and falls on leadership,” and in my own experiences, I find that to be 100 percent true. In my life, I have worked for some great leaders and some not-so- great leaders. I’ve also had moments where I felt confident in my own abilities to lead and other moments when I knew I could have done better. In my role at Greeley Endodontics and in my role as a family man, I’ve found that effective leadership is absolutely pivotal for a team to function. Sometimes, being an effective leader is more about really knowing the people you are leading and finding ways to support them and build them up than it is about numbers or overall growth. For me, both at work and at home, a focus on togetherness is what makes my team dynamics continuously strong.

good friend who knew I enjoyed studying personal development and leadership strategies recommended it to me. Now I read nearly every Maxwell book I can get my hands on. “Developing the Leader Within You” is my all-time favorite, possibly because I read it first; however, I also really enjoyed “21 Laws of Leadership” and “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently.” After over a decade of absorbing the words and ideas in his books, I was able to actually meet him last year at a conference in North Carolina. The event spanned three days, and even though the other business owners and I spent time at the NC Motor Speedway and were driven around the track going 130 mph by professional race car drivers, my favorite part of the weekend was sitting down with

– Dr. Scott Lowry

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