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When I first opened my own firm, the sign on the door read “Accidental Injury Advocates.” I was going for an alliteration, but ended up with the most cumbersome name for a firm I’ve ever heard off. But at the time, it did seem to suit what I was doing. It was just a mouthful. I started my law career working for my dad’s firm. It was a good place to get my sea legs, if you will. During our time together, my dad helped put me on the path to representing injured workers. When I stepped out on my own, I knew how to win cases and help my clients, but I didn’t know anything about running a business. In that first little location, with one main room and an office, I had a lot to learn. That office was in what you’d call a “Grade C” building. It wasn’t great, but it was an office building, and that’s what I needed then. I shared space with another lawyer, and we were basically in the back of his office. However, another lesson I learned as a business owner is you shouldn’t only look at what’s going on in the moment — you need to plan ahead. Because in just two years, we’d outgrown that space. We had four girls working in one room, and we were all falling over each other! I set my sights on a new home, with the perfect place in mind. Too bad another law firm had already set up camp. There was a big defense firm located in a shopping center on Newtown Road. This prestigious firm took on big corporate clients, so I never understood why they set up shop in

a strip mall. Defense firms tended to be in hoity-toity, high-rise buildings where they could impress their well-to-do clients. The shopping center was a ridiculous location for a defense firm. However, as I told a friend of mine one day while we drove past, the central location and big parking lot would actually make it a perfect fit for a workers’ comp firm.

Not long after, that same friend gave me a call to tell me I was right. The defense firm had sold the space and the new owner was looking to rent it out. I called the property manager right away and went to check it out with my dad. After he got a feel for the space, my dad agreed with me — the building would be perfect for a workers’ comp firm. We started there in 2004, where the bigger space and convenient location allowed us to do a lot of great work. By 2012, I finally changed the name from Accidental Injury Advocates to Joe Miller Law, a name a little easier to remember. Half of my career was spent practicing on Newtown Road, so when I realized we’d finally outgrown this space, it was harder to say good bye. Of course, the fact they’re tearing down the shopping center to put up a massive convenience store helped make the transition a bit easier. As luck would have it, I learned a

friend of mine had been trying to rent out their commercial property located just two miles from our old office. With 3,000 square feet for us to grow into, and a brand-new build-out with fresh carpet and new bathrooms, it’s clear this space had been waiting for us. We moved into our new space last November, and after 13 years in our old home, it took some time to adjust. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the decades, and how long it takes to unpack everything! As we enter the new year, we’re more than ready to get started. We’re looking forward to a great 2018, where we can serve current and new clients even better than before, in a space more suited to accomplish what we do best. –Joseph Miller

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