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Reflections on a Decade of Growth

T wo years ago, I gave away 37 suits to the nonprofit Dress For Success. I just kept collecting them over the years thanks to all my court appearances. Today, it has been nearly 10 years since I have been in the courtroom full time. I still have three suits, but the truth is, if I am in the courtroom two to three times a year, that is a lot. So much has changed in the last decade. I have seen my own family change — these days, I have eight grandchildren — and I have seen Hegwood Law Group grow more than I ever imagined it would. Deep down I dreamed of this kind of growth, but then I realized if we just kept doing what we were already doing, focusing on constantly improving the client experience, the growth would come. Back in 2005, my grandparents started to decline. I was close to them — they were like second parents to me — and for the couple of years they needed help, I was their care manager and sometimes their caregiver. I took them to doctor’s appointments and made sure they always had people checking in on them. My grandparents had a long-term attorney, and he did not do everything he should have for them. As their care coordinator, I saw the problems associated with inadequate planning first hand — my grandfather was

using COBRA for his health insurance and was paying enormous medical bills he shouldn’t have had to pay. His documents were not in order, and I was glad I was there to educate him about his options. As I sat in my grandfather’s hospital room, I gave him what I call our Come to Jesus speech. I explained the legal hierarchy and who his decision-makers were going to be in an emergency. I told him there were documents we could put in place to give him control over who

those decision-makers would be. Right away, he sent me home to get those documents.

me how the things that have occurred in my life have pushed me to the areas of law where I can help the most people in the most meaningful way. God always had a plan for me. Some days are harder than others, but there is always a plan. As we move forward into 2020, I look forward to continuing to serve my clients and seeing where that plan will lead me next.

My grandmother passed away in 2005, and just nine months later, my grandpa followed her. I still miss my grandparents, and one of the reasons I decided to focus on elder law at Hegwood Law Group was that doing elder law allowed me to spend time with other people’s grandparents, and that made me miss my own just a little bit less.

-Kim Hegwood

When I think back over the last decade of growth at Hegwood Law Group, it is clear to



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