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How Does Chronic Pain Affect Your Sleep?

Pain is strongly correlated with two large concerns in regard to general wellness: stress and poor health. These concerns are also strongly correlated with abnormal sleeping patterns, resulting in shorter sleep durations and decreased quality of sleep. When pain is combined with stress and poor health, you create a trifecta of distress on your body, which can make it difficult to achieve a healthy and full REM cycle every night. In fact, 1 in 4 people with a chronic pain condition are also diagnosed with a sleeping disorder by a doctor. Those suffering from chronic pain lose an average of 42 minutes of sleep per night – some even higher than that. In the same poll, 65% of Americans who were not experiencing chronic pain reported having “good” or “very good” sleep quality, while only 37% of Americans who were experiencing chronic pain reported similar results. In addition, 23% of the chronic pain sufferers also reported higher levels of stress. Sleep is an essential factor in overall health and wellness. It is crucial to the ways in which our bodies function day after day. When pain results in issues with sleep, your daily life can be greatly impacted. Many people with chronic pain report that their sleeping abnormalities have interfered with work, activities, relationships, mood, and overall enjoyment of life.

Sleep is an essential part of daily function, and you shouldn’t let your pain rob you from it! If you are experiencing sleep deprivation due to your chronic pain, contact Eastern Shore Physical Therapy today. We’ll provide you with helpful tips for gaining sleep and improving your daily life, free from pain and exhaustion.


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