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SiteSync IQ Wireless Accessories

Protect your wireless system controller from voltage spikes and keep it functioning during power outages by using this Battery Backup with surge protection unit.

The SiteSync IQ Wireless signal indicator can be used as you walk your campus to check the signal strength available to your wireless devices. The Signal LED flashes green to indicate

the system controller is transmitting a signal. A red LED indicates no signal reception from the system transmitter. The four Signal Strength LEDs are used to represent the Received Signal Strength

We recommend this unit be purchased with every SiteSync IQ Wireless System Controller.

Indication (RSSI) value at the location of last reception. • 9-volt battery included




• 8 surge protected outlets, 4 with battery backup • Up to 6 hours run time • 2 USB Type-A ports • Wall-mountable • ENERGY STAR® certified





Part No.


Features and Dimensions

Warranty Each

H005306-JU24 Battery backup with surge protection H002647-JU24 Wall-mount shelf US-314-JU24 Rack-mount shelf H001233-JU24 Antenna mounting bracket

Size: 97⁄8"h x 51⁄8"w x 31⁄4"d – Weight: 6.5lbs

1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year

$173.95 $113.95 $112.95 $25.95

16-gauge steel, 100 pound maximum, 81⁄4"h x 181⁄4"w x 16"d

Steel shelf, 5"h x 19"w x 14" d

Convenient mounting space for the magnetic mount transmitting and GPS antennas

H004292-JU24 Wireless signal indicator Battery operated handheld unit to test the wireless signal of the system controller

2 years


99 ▪

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