American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog

Replace Old Mechanical Clocks With AllSync Plus® Clock Technology.


Replacement AllSync Plus secondary clock

When mechanical clocks fail and cannot be repaired, often they can be replaced by a single type of clock. AllSync Plus clocks were designed with a movement controlled by a small circuit board that automatically reads the protocol used by most wired systems.

How Can AllSync Plus Help You? Stock One Brand of Clock: AllSync Plus clocks can replace those from many different brands. Easy to Connect: AllSync Plus clocks are shipped with a quick connect Molex® plug. Accurate: AllSync Plus clocks are accurate to within one second of the system controller. No Need to Rush: Maintain an existing wired system and replace failing clocks as required. Power Interruptions, No Problem: AllSync Plus clocks provide 15 minutes of continued operation in the case of a temporary power outage.

Why Choose AllSync Plus? Affordable: The average price of AllSync Plus clocks is about half that of mechanical clocks. 3-Year Warranty: We stand behind our products. AllSync Plus clocks carry a 3-year warranty. Try Before You Buy: Try an AllSync Plus clock for 30 days in your facility. Lifetime Technical Support: Let us answer your questions. Call 800-328-8996.

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