American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog

SiteSync IQ Wireless Digital Clocks – 4" Digit 4", 4 or 6-digit, SURFACE, FLUSH, CEILING, WALL mount

For areas in your facility that require higher visibility, or at great distances, these wireless digital clocks are the answer in a larger format. Viewing distance up to 200 feet!

• Enhanced readability • LED display visible up to 200 feet

• Adjustable brightness • Time zone management • Slim design • Toggle clock/date • Date display options


4-digit: 6.875"h x 12.25"w x 2.5"d All surface mount digital clocks come with a security bracket for easy installation.

Message/Countdown Clocks Schedule changes run smoothly with this message countdown option. Settings are user selectable through a SiteSync IQ system controller. In the example, the digital clock displays “BELL” for a 1-9 second duration. Time counts down for 1-59 minutes. The clock returns to real time until the next bell. Add $25.00 to the price of each clock. Add "C" and the circuit number (1-6) you will be using to the end of the part number. Example: SQD441RSAC1-JU24 Class Ends…… ……Class Starts

Bell rings (3 secs) > Clock counts down from 5 mins > Countdown completes > Clock displays real time

When measuring time duration matters Add this Timer Control Station with any 6-digit, single-face clock to enable function as an elapsed time indicator (ETI). • Count UP/DOWN timer with audible alarm and hold • Code Blue activation* • Includes two keys

6-digit: 6.875"h x 17.25"w x 2.5"d


Timer Control Station


* For ETI and Code Blue functionality, must purchase Timer Control Station, ATSTCS-JU24.

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