American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog


Protective Guards Save time and money. Install guards to protect your investment in clocks, lights, signs, fire alarm pull stations, smoke detectors and more. You won’t need to pay an electrician or contractor to repair or replace broken equipment.

Reduce Hassle: Wire guards save you the problems and costs of replacing broken products while reducing labor costs and potential injuries from climbing up and down ladders loaded with equipment or hiring lift trucks. Durable: Our guards are constructed of steel rods that are welded, zinc plated and clear coated to protect against corrosion. Most are made of heavy duty 3-, 6- and 8-gauge wire. Shop Our Huge Selection: There are more than 150 guard shapes and sizes to choose from. You can also have custom guards built to meet your specifications. Listed Small to Large: The guards on the following pages are listed by size, beginning with the smallest and ending with the largest. The guards are also categorized according to common uses but are not limited to those uses.

Universal Spacer Available in two sizes, these create just a little more depth when it's needed. Universal Hinge Kit • Provides easy, tool-free access to the equipment underneath the guard • Suitable for indoors or outdoors • Use with select guards

Part Number

Dimensions Description


H001919-JU24 1" spacer H001920-JU24 1/2" spacer

Off-white nylon spacer Off-white nylon spacer

$0.95 $0.95

2 hinges, 1 turnbutton with screw, 11/2" spacer fits bottom wall and turnbutton

H003481-JU24 Universal hinge kit



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