Replacement Clocks for Cincinnati D10 (120VAC) & D12 (24VAC) Series


Steel-Case, Dial Style 06

Steel-case with glass or shatter-resistant poly crystal Description D10 Series Original #

D12 Series Original # 4010-D12 3012-D12 4012-D12 3012DD-D12 3012DD-D12

120VAC Model

24VAC Model


10'' Round Flush Mount 12'' Round Surface Mount 12'' Round Flush Mount 12'' Round DD Wall Mount 12'' Round DD Ceiling Mount 12'' Square Surface Mount 12'' Square Flush Mount 12'' Square DD Wall Mount 12'' Square DD Ceiling Mount 15'' Round Surface Mount 15'' Round Flush Mount 15'' Round DD Wall Mount

4010-D10 3012-D10 4012-D10

U45BHAA606-JU24 U54BHAA406-JU24 U55BHAA606-JU24 U53BHAA206-JU24 U52BHAA206-JU24 U57BGAA406-JU24 U58BGAA606-JU24 U51BGAA206-JU24 U50BGAA206-JU24 U64BGAA406-JU24 U65BGAA606-JU24 U63BGAA206-JU24 U62BGAA206-JU24

U45BHBA606-JU24 $169.95 U54BHBA406-JU24 $169.95 U55BHBA606-JU24 $169.95 U53BHBA206-JU24 $428.95 U52BHBA206-JU24 $428.95 U57BGBA406-JU24 $199.95 U58BGBA606-JU24 $199.95 U51BGBA206-JU24 $476.95 U50BGBA206-JU24 $476.95 U64BGBA406-JU24 $199.95 U65BGBA606-JU24 $199.95 U63BGBA206-JU24 $481.95

3012DD-D10 3012DD-D10

8012-D10 9012-D10

8012-D12 9012-D12

9012DD-D10 9012DD-D10

9012DD-D12 9012DD-D12

3015-D10 4015-D10

3015-D12 4015-D12

3015DD-D10 3015DD-D10

3015DD-D12 3015DD-D12

15'' Round DD Ceiling Mount U62BGBA206-JU24 $481.95 Notes: DD = Double Dial. If running 24VAC clocks, a step-down transformer is necessary. See page 41. AllSync Plus steel-case surface clocks include a security bracket.

The hanger used on all flush mount Cincinnati and Edwards replacement clocks fits with either of these two backboxes.

Backbox CFB103-JU24 $38.95 Fits Cincinnati 10" clocks 8¾"h × 8⅛"w × 3¼"d

Backbox CFB106-JU24 $24.95 Fits Cincinnati 12", 15", 18" clocks 8"h × 5⅝"w × 2¾"d

Flush Mount Hanger

FYI – Synchronous Wired Correction Protocol for Cincinnati D10 and D12 Series 120VAC/24VAC is used to operate the clocks normally. Applying an eight-second command signal on the corrective line from 57 minutes, 54 seconds to 58 minutes, 02 seconds will cause an hourly correction. Application of a command on the corrective line from 5:57:54 am/pm through 5:58:08 in addition to the hourly correction, will result in a twelve-hour correction.

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