American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog

Replacement Clocks for Honeywell ST400A and ST800A Series


Flush Mount Hanger

Steel-Case, Dial Style 04

Durable steel-case with glass or shatter-resistant poly crystal Description Original # 120VAC Model

Original #

24VAC Model


10'' Round Flush Mount 12'' Round Surface Mount 12'' Round Flush Mount

ST410A1028 U45BHAA604-JU24 ST411A1001 U54BHAA404-JU24 ST411A1027 U55BHAA604-JU24

ST810A1024 U45BHBA604-JU24 ST811A1007 U54BHBA404-JU24 ST811A1023 U55BHBA604-JU24 ST807A1029 U57BGBA404-JU24 ST807A1037 U58BGBA604-JU24 ST812A1006 U64BGBA404-JU24 ST812A1022 U65BGBA604-JU24

$169.95 $169.95 $169.95 $199.95 $199.95 $199.95

12'' Square Surface Mount ST407A1023 U57BGAA404-JU24

12'' Square Flush Mount 15'' Round Surface Mount

ST407A1031 U58BGAA604-JU24 ST412A1000 U64BGAA404-JU24 ST412A1026 U65BGAA604-JU24

15'' Round Flush Mount $199.95 Notes: For double dial models, see our website. If running 24VAC clocks, a step-down transformer is necessary. See page 41. AllSync Plus steel-case surface clocks include a security bracket.

AllSync Plus Plastic Case Clocks – An economical option for the Faraday or Honeywell Models on these pages.


120VAC Model

24VAC Model


10'' Surface Mount 10'' Flush Mount 12'' Surface Mount 12'' Flush Mount

U44BAAA304-JU24 U44BABA304-JU24 $158.95 U45BAAA604-JU24 U45BABA604-JU24 $158.95 U54BAAA304-JU24 U54BABA304-JU24 $158.95 U55BAAA604-JU24 U55BABA604-JU24 $158.95

12'' Double Dial Wall U53BAAA204-JU24 U53BABA204-JU24 $392.95 12'' Double Dial Ceiling U52BAAA204-JU24 U52BABA204-JU24 $392.95 15'' Surface Mount U64BAAA304-JU24 U64BABA304-JU24 $190.95 15'' Flush Mount U65BAAA604-JU24 U65BABA604-JU24 $190.95 15'' Double Dial Wall U63BAAA204-JU24 U63BABA204-JU24 $453.95 15'' Double Dial Ceiling U62BAAA204-JU24 U62BABA204-JU24 $453.95 Notes: AllSync Plus molded plastic case surface clocks include a security bracket.

Molded Case, Dial Style 04

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