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Replacement Clocks Mechanical Dual-Motor Movement


REPLACEMENTS FOR CR or GRC Series Maintain your existing clock system with these direct replacements for Standard CR/GRC Series corrective clocks. We offer quick delivery on most models. • Precision Synchron ® motor and heavy-duty brass gear train • Durable black steel-case • Includes complete Molex ® connector for easy installation • Hourly and 12-hour correction

Steel-Case, Dial Style 04

Steel-Case Description

Original #

120VAC Model

Original #

24VAC Model


10" Round Flush 12" Round Surface 12" Round Flush

J109130 X45BHGA804-JU24 J109136 X54BHGA404-JU24 J109131 X55BHGA804-JU24

J109106 X45BHHA804-JU24 $415.95 J109114 X54BHHA404-JU24 $415.95 J109107 X55BHHA804-JU24 $415.95


12" Round Double Dial Wall 12" Round Double Dial Ceiling

X53BHGA204-JU24 X52BHGA204-JU24


X52BHHA204-JU24 $899.95

12" Square Surface 12" Square Flush

J109146 X57BGGA404-JU24 J109141 X58BGGA804-JU24

J109121 X57BGHA404-JU24 $445.95 J109117 X58BGHA804-JU24 $445.95

12" Square Double Dial Wall 12" Square Double Dial Ceiling

X51BGGA204-JU24 X50BGGA204-JU24

X51BGHA404-JU24 $949.95 X50BGHA804-JU24 $949.95

15" Round Surface 15" Round Flush

J109138 X64BGGA404-JU24 J109133 X65BGGA804-JU24

J109115 X64BGHA404-JU24 $445.95 J109109 X65BGHA804-JU24 $445.95

15" Round Double Dial Wall 15" Round Double Dial Ceiling


X63BGGA204-JU24 X62BGGA204-JU24


X62BGHA204-JU24 $973.95

Molded case Description 10" Round Flush 12" Round Flush

120VAC Model

24VAC Model



X45BAGA804-JU24 X55BAGA804-JU24

X45BAHA804-JU24 X55BAHA804-JU24


$403.95 Order Notes: If running 24VAC clocks, a step-down transformer is necessary. See page 41.

Parts for the SETCO dual-motor movement used for clocks on this page can be found on page 53.

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