American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog

AllSync Plus® Replacement Movement Kits


There’s no need to throw out clocks when a do-it-yourself repair can keep you running! If the movement on your wall clock needs to be replaced, our line of AllSync Plus solid-state movement kits will get it ticking again. Clocks with AllSync Plus movements use up to 80% less energy and are compatible with most legacy brand master clocks. On our website, find step-by-step instructions and DIY videos for replacing mechanical clock movements with AllSync Plus Kits. All Kits include: • AllSync Plus movement • Dust cover assembly • Connecting wires • Hour, minute & sweep hands (12" clock) • Molex plug • All necessary mounting hardware


AllSync Plus kits are intended for synchronous wired system clocks.










For Simplex, Cincinnati, Edwards

For Standard Electric

For Lathem, National, American Time

All kits include a set of hands for a 12" clock. Other sizes available on page 49.

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