American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog

Clock Repair

Wisconsin Capitol Clock Rehabilitation The clocks in the Wisconsin State Capitol don't just tell time – they’re a historically significant part of the building’s architecture. When the existing wired synchronization system began to fail, replacing the nearly 115-year-old clocks themselves was never an option. The Department of Administration, responsible for maintaining the Capitol, turned to American Time. We were able to replace the clock mechanism with new, ultra-precise movements and SiteSync wireless receivers without visible modification to the clock bezel or dial. With the help of American Time and SiteSync, the Wisconsin Capitol stays on time and on brand, allowing their vintage clocks to continue reliable service well into the 21st century.


Project details: • Conversion of 515 wired mechanical clocks • Upgrade to wireless SiteSync signal correction • Design replacement balanced hands to match original design • Install new movement, hands and wireless receiver

• 10-day conversion turnaround per shipment (11 staggered shipments) • Catalog and document each clock

Our conversion of the clocks included removal of the old movement, creating mounting points for the new hardware and installing the updated movement and receiver. Replacement hands were designed to match the originals and balanced for the new movement.

New movement and wireless receiver

Original Simplex mechanical movement (post-pneumatic)

Indexing mounting holes for the new hardware

Homing of the balanced replacement hands

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