American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog


Wi-Fi Clocks Wi-Fi clocks are similar to any other device on your Wi-Fi network. They communicate with your network in order to obtain the right information. In this case, it’s the precise time. Like other devices, Wi-Fi clocks need to be configured with the correct credentials to connect to your network. Once configured, your clocks will connect to the Wi-Fi network, pull the accurate time, and display that time on the clock face or digital display. EverAlert multi-functional digital signage delivers synchronized scheduling capabilities and dynamic or automated messaging communications, keeping building occupants safe, informed and on time. NEW EverAlert audio equipment in this issue! (page 69) EverAlert® Communication System A comprehensive, campus-wide network of displays to support routine audio or visual messaging and extend emergency notifications through integrated services. Repairs, Movements & Parts From the popular AllSync Plus solid-state movement kits to replacement motors for mechanical clocks, we offer solutions for a broad variety of clocks. If you're short on time, look to our expert technicians as a resource for repairing clocks, replacing clocks or helping you find the right part for your repair project. Wired System Replacements We still build clocks with mechanical movements that work with your system from brands like Cincinnati, National Time, Standard Electric and Simplex. In cases where mechanical movements are no longer available, AllSync Plus clocks with solid-state movements are the perfect replacement for old or broken legacy clocks in your facility.





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