American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog


Effective Communication Knowledge and awareness are cornerstones to providing a safe environment for everyone entering your building. You want a system that incorporates many ways to effectively communicate information, to reinforce that sense of knowing what's going on and what to do at any given time. Take advantage of multiple ways to communicate with your building occupants with EverAlert. • Send an instant message to a particular room or location, or facility-wide • Deliver daily calendar events, facility-wide • Schedule a prerecorded audio message welcoming visitors to an event through the displays and speakers in entrance locations • Customize weather alert response information with specific instructions for your building EverAlert can do all of this. And then some. By developing new customer-driven features, building more integrations and partnering with some of the most influential organizations in safety and communications, we make sure EverAlert is the cutting-edge solution that can adapt to fit every school, hospital or business. If you haven't learned more about EverAlert, it's time.

EverAlert may enhance communication on your campus. Find out how. 800-328-8996


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