American Time 2024 Mid-Year Catalog

inCloud Management Portal PoE Clocks

The inCloud Management Portal lets you quickly and easily set up, schedule, manage and monitor your PoE network clocks and devices! The inCloud portal gives you visibility into clock and device status, connection and time sync, easy buzzer clock scheduling and changes. Set up your devices faster and simplify time management across your facility!

Manage PoE devices easily and from anywhere

• Easily schedule buzzer clocks and countdown timers • Monitor time synchronization, status and firmware versions • Schedule changes to the brightness of digital clocks and program sleep mode to conserve energy • Receive automated device status reports; daily, weekly or monthly


Manage PoE Devices with the inCloud portal

Digital Buzzer Clock

PoE Relay H004896R-JU24 $155.95 The PoE relay is a compact receiver that provides a relay output at programmed times to activate other devices. • Normally-open dry contacts • Active closure time of 1-59 seconds – relay can also be triggered for longer time periods

Take advantage of the advanced features of inCloud's schedule dashboard with PoE digital and analog clocks equipped with buzzers. Signal daily schedule changes in synchronization with other network devices in your facilty. • Decibel rating of 65 dBA at 10 feet • Analog or digital models • Events can be scheduled with the inCloud Management Portal or Network Clock Connect

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