SiteSync IQ System Controllers GPS Sync Technology For facilities where an Ethernet connection isn't available or separation from your network is desired, GPS sync technology provides a way to maintain synchronized time. SiteSync IQ systems using GPS sync don't need complicated equipment to work and are easy to install. Just locate the system controller in a high and central location and mount the GPS antenna outside the building with a clear view of the sky to ensure satellite reception. • Guaranteed accuracy to the National Institute of Standards

and Technology (NIST) official world time • Easy installation, no expertise needed • 100% FCC compliance – no paperwork • Allows for accurate time without a network connection

" We are very pleased with how well our wireless system is working and how easy it was to install, really just plug and play. " – GLEN JOHNSON, FAIRVIEW SOUTHDALE HOSPITAL Our Customers Say It Best


Wired Clock Timing Protocols Supported with applicable SiteSync IQ System Controllers Clock Code Used For Clock Code Used For

01 3-wire Synchronous (59th minute)

16 3-wire Minute Impulse (59th minute) with 12hr Correction 17 Standard Electric Time AR-2 2-wire Dual Voltage

02 3-wire Minute Impulse (59th minute, hourly correction only)

03 Standard Electric Time Dual Motor

18 National Synchronous Wired

04 Standard Electric Time AR-2A 2-wire Dual Voltage

19 Stromberg Synchronous Wired (56th minute) 20 National Synchronous Wired (No 12 hr correction)

05 3-wire Minute Impulse (58th minute)

06 Honeywell

21 Cincinnati D1

07 08

2-wire Reverse Polarity Minute Impulse (59th minute)

22 Dukane Synchronous Wired

2-wire Reverse Polarity Minute Impulse (59th minute) with 12 hr Correction

23 Standard Electric Time Dual Motor (hourly correction only) 26 Stromberg 2-wire Minute Impulse (58th minute) Hourly Correction only

09 Simplex 59th Minute Dual Motor 10 Simplex 45th Minute Dual Motor


Digital Clock Reset - 12:00 AM/PM

11 National Synchronous Wired (25 sec. hour, 25 pulses, 25 sec ON/25 sec OFF, 12 hour)

36 Synchronous Wired 2 with Noon and Midnight Sync

Cincinnati D6 - 2-wire Reverse Polarity Minute Impulse (59th minute) with 12 hr Correction


37 2-wire Minute Impulse Non-corrective

2-wire Reverse Polarity Minute Impulse (59th minute) with 12 hour Correction

13 National Synchronous Wired (25 sec. hour, 25 min. 12 hr) 15 Straight Frequency Electronic Clock


47 Standard Electric Time AR-3 (3-wire Impulse) Note: If running a 2- or 3-wire 24VDC impulse system, a power supply must be used with a system controller to run the system. For more information about protocol timing, see the installation manual or call American Time.

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