ENG WCE Course Summer 2023

THE WORLD CAFÉ A virtual learning journey about issues that matter

16 June to 14 July 2023

Course description

A virtual experience to cultivate Best Practice of the World Café

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Restoring our collective capacity to listen, ask questions and learn together

Roughly 1.6 million years ago our ancestors were sitting around a campfire, telling stories to each other and singing together. Fast forward to the 21st century. Small handheld devices have taken over the conversation and music making. Sherry Turkle author of Alone Together and observer of technology notes: “Our networked life allows us to hide from each other, even as we are tethered to each other. We’d rather text than talk.”

This is the social reality with which both society and businesses are facing the most acute challenges of our time.

Our virtual course to cultivate Best Practice of the World Café is our response to this urgency.

Through the medium of this course, World Café Europe aims to empower passionate individuals who endeavor to bring large groups of people together in a personal, virtual or hybrid format to effectively address and co-create solutions for issues that matter in today’s world.


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Integrating know-how with active participation

This 5 week virtual course evolved from over a decade of realizing World Cafés for a broad spectrum of sectors from all over Europe in numerous languages. The accrued insight and practical know-how served as an inspiration for the development of this unique interactive course.

During the 5 week duration of this virtual course, participants will:

Master the fundamentals which make a World Café a unique dialogue experience Gain practical know-how about the factors which promote the success of a Best Practice World Cafés with sustainable impact Experience a step-by-step learning journey which actively uses the knowledge and insights of the course materials to help participants co-create and facilitate their own virtual World Café


Week 1

W hat are the key questions which lay the foundation for an impactful World Café? Week 2 Why is the World Café such a powerful approach for large group events?

Week 3

What are the basic essential components to create and design a World Café?

Week 4

What elements need to be seamlessly integrated for a successful World Café experience?

Week 5

Learning by doing - Facilitating a virtual World Café


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What is the structure of this virtual course?

The first 4 online sessions consist of two integrated sections each lasting a total of 3½ hours:

Exploration of key themes to plan and realize a successful World Café

Each session’s subject matter is enriched by a co-creation session modelled on World Café principles. In these co- creation sessions lasting over the 4 week period, participants will design their own virtual World Café .

The fifth online session is dedicated to experiencing the virtual World Café which has been co-created by the course participants.

Participants will both facilitate and participate in their own virtual World Café Together with a de-brief of the experience, this last session lasts 4 hours


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Reserve your place at the table and sign up today! Course schedule and fees The course runs from June 16th to July 14 2023 (Friday from 14:30 - 18:00 CET)

850 €

for-profit organizations

425 €

non-profit organizations

Online registration at https://cli.re/WCECourse

Want to know more about this unique virtual course?

Send us an E-Mail to questions@worldcafe.eu to arrange a personal call with us!

The registration fee includes participation in all 5 live virtual sessions, a copy of WCE’s Handbook, exclusive access to our digital alumni community and a certificate of completion.

Your participation fee will be made in the form of a tax deductible donation to World Café Europe, a non-profit organization. The proceeds of this course will be used to promote World Cafés efforts to realize innovative dialogue projects.


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How will this virtual course unfold over the 5 week period?

Why is the World Café such a powerful approach for large group events?

Explores the fundamentals of a World Café and provides an overview of the 8 Step World Café design and realization process developed by World Café Europe.

Course participants collaborate together to identify an issue that matters to them as a basis for the design of their own virtual World Café in week 5. Focuses on the ‘invisible’ building blocks of a World Café: purpose, goals, envisioned impact and audience. What are the key questions which lay the foundation for an impactful World Café? Course participants will use this input to formulate the building blocks for their own virtual World Café. Concentrates on the heart of the World Café planning process: concept develop- ment, detailed design and idea harvesting. What are the basic essential components to create and design a World Café? Devotes itself to the facilitation of a virtual or face-to-face World Café in all its dimensions: handling large group dynamics, idea harvesting, visual enabling and documentation of the results. What elements need to be seamlessly integrated for a successful World Café experience? Course participants will develop the questions that matter for their own virtual World Café within the context of its overall design.

Participants will co-create the flow and accompanying storyboard for their own virtual World Café.

Learning by doing - Facilitation of a virtual World Café This final week concentrates on the hosting of and participation in a ‘live’ virtual World Café by the course participants. Inviting non-course participants to take part in this World Café is welcome!

A subsequent de-brief serves to collectively reflect upon the World Café experience.


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About World Café Europe e.V.

Transforming the engagement of individuals to co-create solutions for a shared future

World Café Europe believes in the power of meaningful questions which can encourage true change in all sectors of society. Through our projects, we aim to have the World Café recognized by citizens, public servants and business people as the key approach to co-create our collective future. Towards this end, all of our initiatives are designed to create novel opportunities, identify viable solutions and inspire collective action for our shared future. Since its founding in 2006, World Café Europe has conceived and realized projects in 21 European countries in 18 languages. It has collaborated with clients all over Europe to create meaningful dialogues about issues that matter. World Café Europe e.V. is a recognized by the German authorities as a non-profit institution. Vereinsregister München VR 200743 www.worldcafe.eu


World Café Europe e.V. Danklstrasse 30 81371 Munich Germany

+49 89 76 75 39 87

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