Denmon | Pearlman - April Newsletter

April, 2017


TOP STORIES: Does David Dao, Dragged United Passenger, Have a Case to Sue?

By now, you’ve heard or seen the video of a passenger aboard United Flight 3411 who was forcibly re- moved (dragged) by law enforce- ment off a flight scheduled to depart O’ Hare Airport in Chicago. The question now remains was United at fault and does 69-year-old Dr. David Dao, have a case to sue? The answer is yes and yes!

A lawyer for Dr. David Dao has stated that his client has suffered a broken nose, lost two front teeth and received a concussion. His injuries were a result of unreasonable force and violence caused by law enforcement, who were called by United, to forcibly and illegally remove Dr. Dao from the aircraft. Not only does Dr. Dao have a case to sue for assault and battery against Chicago authorities, but he can also sue for the inten- tional infliction of physical and emotional harm due to the traumatic event.

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