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July 2018

LINCOLN MAKES AN APPEARANCE My Skepticism Is Put to the Test

In the summer, my family and I spend a lot of time outdoors. We enjoy swimming, and Josh often takes Jacob for a few rounds of golf. After two or three holes, Jacob’s decided he’s done golfing with Daddy, and it’s time for Mommy to come pick him up. Josh and Jacob often spend their one-on-one time playing sports, and Jacob and I usually spend ours at the pool or park. It’s our special time together. Jacob has less afterschool activities right now, which means that after work, I can spontaneously pick him up from camp and head to the pool. We go for a swim, work up our appetites, and order some food. It gives us a different pace to our day and quality time together.

the penny head-down into the tread of your tires. If you always see the top of Lincoln’s head as you go around the tire, your treads are worn out, and the tire probably needs to be replaced. If part of Lincoln’s head is always covered by the tread, you’re probably okay to stick with those tires. So I did the penny test. Turns out the people at the shop were just doing their jobs, and my skepticism had gotten in the way. As I performed the penny test on each tire, Lincoln’s head was always visible — I definitely needed new tires.

Apparently my car needed to be aligned because the tires weren’t wearing evenly. I called the shop and made another appointment. Here I was, worried about spending quality time with my people, and instead, I was spending it with pennies and tires. A healthy dose of skepticism can be helpful sometimes — you don’t want to pay for services your car doesn’t need. It can also pay off to do your own research. And sometimes, it’s okay to leave things up to the professionals. I may be an attorney, but it turns out I’m no tire expert. I

While it would be nice if I could spend all my evenings at the pool, there’s still a list

of things to get done, even in the summer. Recently, I took my car to the shop for its annual tune up. As they performed the checkup, the mechanic told me, “You need to get new tires.” Even in my line of work, I tend to be skeptical, so when I took my car in for a simple tune-up and was told that it needed four new tires, I was not convinced. I felt like I was being hustled — four new tires? Come on.

was so focused on using my time efficiently that I didn’t realize how much time this tire question was eating into it. Instead of picking up Jacob for a swim after work, I went back to the shop, tail between my legs, and got my new set of tires. At least I learned the penny test.

I texted Josh. He did what most of us do when we’re looking for a definitive answer — he

Googled it. “With your mileage,” Josh told me, “You’d be on the early side of needing new tires.” That wasn’t the definitive answer I was looking for. I was thinking, “I need to figure this out. Do I need them? Do I not need them?” Unconvinced that I needed the tires, I left the shop and went home. But I needed to solve this problem. There had to be a way to determine if I needed new tires without an upsell. After a little more Googling, I came to an answer.

Stay safe on the road, and enjoy your summer.

–Meliha Perez Halp ern

P.S. You might be wondering if the penny test really works. Now that I’m an experienced penny tester, give our office a call to schedule your free Pérez Halpern penny test.

It turns out, as you might know, that there’s a simple test to check how worn out your tires are. All you need is a penny. Put | 1

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