FMN | March 16th, 2020

Survey: Excessive Packaging Threatens Brand Loyalty According to a recent survey by Mondi of more than 2,000 people aged 16-75 across the United Kingdom, the majority of consumers said they would switch to a different brand because it uses less packaging than other brands do. Southerners outside of London are the most likely to make the switch, with Londoners, Scots and theWelsh trailing behind, per the survey. Just under six out of 10 (58 percent) British con- sumers said that when shopping for food and every- day household items, they would switch to a different brand because it uses less packaging. Just more than six out of 10 (62 percent) Southerners (defined as those living in the South West and South East of England outside of London) said they would switch to a different brand because it uses less packag- ing, in comparison to only five out of 10 consumers in London (54 percent), Scotland (53 percent) andWales (47 percent); Six out of 10 (61 percent) British women would switch brands for one with less packaging when shop- ping for food and everyday household items, with just over five out of 10 (54 percent) men saying the same. Just under two-thirds (65 percent) of 35 to 44-year- olds said they would switch to a different brand be- cause it uses less packaging. In comparison, only around five out of 10 Generation Xers (between 45-54 years old) and Baby Boomers (between 55-75 years of age) said the same: (54 percent) and 52 percent, re- spectively.

ISA International Sign Expo 2020 Postponed

The International SignAssociation,which was sched- uled to take place in early April, has been postponied due to concerns around COVID-19 and will now take place August 23-25, with preconference sessions on August 22. ISA Sign Expo will remain at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

TAGA Annual Technical Conference Cancelled

Printing Industries of America (PIA) and the Techni- cal Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) announced that the TAGA Annual Technical Conference slated for March 15–18 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has been cancelled in the wake of the World Health Organiza- tion declaring the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic.

6 March 16, 2020 Flexo Market News

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