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and suppliers; and a host of technical experts to an- swer questions. In a combination of general-session featured speak- ers and breakout workshops,AICC’s E-Commerce Xpe- rience offered an industry-specific view of the e-com- merce phenomenon. Speakers such as Brent Lindberg of Fuseneo and Jared Butts of The Hershey Company addressed e-commerce dynamics and related packag- ing requirements. Ron Sasine of Hudson Windsor talk- ed about Amazon’s expectations while AICC members Richard Brown of The BoxMaker; Richard Kelley of Dusobox; George Perreira of Whitebird; Lauren Frisch of Wasatch Container; Mark Mathes of Vanguard Pack- aging; Miriam Brafman of Packlane; Stephen Shannon of HP and Abby Byland of Dusobox talked about their companies’ e-commerce business strategies. Attendees also learned how startup companies with new ideas about marketing are upending segments of CPGs from Lawrence Ingrassia, a leading business jour- nalist, and author of Billion Dollar Brand Club: How Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker, and Other Disrup- tors Are RemakingWhat We Buy . Achieving Success Michael Pelletier, Scaling Operations, LLC, explained the operational differences between successful e-com- merce manufacturing operations and their conven- tional counterparts then offered suggestions on strat- egies for companies considering a transition into high-efficiency digital manufacturing workflow oper- ation for e-commerce. Robert Stabler, Koenig & Bauer Durst, gave attendees tips to prepare their companies for e-commerce. Defining and addressing customer pain points and designing for e-commerce were the topics discussed by Olivia Pietersen of The Packaging Company, and Sarah Meiburg gave attendees the tools to use when selling to customers concerned with e-commerce, sus- tainability, and other niches with the Paper & Packag- ing Board’s free Sales Channel Toolkit. Technology was the topic of discussion when Liz Logue, EFI, and Tania Montesi, H.B. Fuller, presented digital printing for e-commerce and technology for frustration-free packaging in their respective sessions. An overview of the subscription box market was giv- en by Paul Chambers of the Subscription BoxTradeAs- sociation (SUBTA) and Paul Jarrett of Bulu Box, while Joe Fernandez of Vera Bradley offered his company’s perspective on e-commerce packaging. Jesse Genet, a co-founder of Lumi, an online packaging sourcing and supply chain company, presented Lumi’s philosophy in helping their clients meet their e-commerce pack- aging requirements.

We begin with an investigation that benchmarks the most common causes of waste/downtime andtheircostsincluding:

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