possession of property obtained by crime

activities. The police is the community and

Snowmobilers on

$10,000 in

under $5,000 and three counts of

the community is the police. You have the

possession for the purpose of trafficking. A

power to help in making Prescott County a


safe place to live.”

the wrong track

was charged with possession of property

If you have any information about drug

drugs seized


abuse or any other crime get involved and call

February 5, the Hawkesbury O.P.P.

of possession for the purpose of trafficking

it in. You can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-

detachment received a complaint from a

and possession of cocaine. He was also

222-8477 or call the O.P.P. at

landowner reporting that several

charged with failing to comply with an


1-888-310-1122. Crime Stoppers does not

snowmobiles were trespassing on his


subscribe to Call Display. Your call will

property located on Bay Road in

Both are scheduled to appear in court

stay anonymous and your presence won’t


A Reduce Impaired Driving

February 29 in L’Orignal.

be needed in court. Tips can also be sent via

Snowmobile operators were using the

Everywhere checkpoint early last

The Hawkesbury O.P.P. detachment

text message and e-mail. For more

vacant lot to gain access to the river, but at

Thursday in Hawkesbury yielded about

wishes to remind the community that it is


the end of the field, they were trespassing

$10,000 in illegal drugs, reports the





on another property to access the Ottawa

Hawkesbury Ontario Provincial Police

Says the detachment, “Police cannot

river, although trespassing signs were


work alone. The Hawkesbury OPP is

posted on the property.

Shortly before 1:30 a.m., officers

adamant in promoting strong crime

Two charges

Snowmobile operators are reminded to

stopped a vehicle at John Street and the

prevention relationships with all

respect “no trespassing” signs. The fine

Boulevard du Chenail. The driver,

stakeholders. The police and community

A 29-year-old Hawkesbury man faces





Phylippe Simoneau-Zalzal, 25, of


two charges after police seized illicit drugs

Furthermore, snowmobile enthusiasts are

Beaconsfield, was charged with

drug abuse and other related criminal

from a Main Street East residence February

encouraged to stay on groomed trails and


stay off lakes, rivers and swamps as no ice

Sébastien Carrière-Rathier has been

is ever 100 per cent safe. Manywaterways

possession of marijuana for the purpose of


trafficking and possession of hashish.


He is scheduled to appear February 29 at

Those venturing on the ice should always

the Ontario Court of Justice in L’Orignal.

carefully check the quality and integrity of

The charges were laid following a raid

the ice before undertaking their favourite

by the Ontario Provincial Police.

winter activities.

Champlain construction

value drops slightly



The value of construction projects in Champlain Township dropped slightly in


Last year, the municipality issued 359 permits for work with an estimated value of

$12,925,646, according to figures compiled by chief building official Jacques Gauthier.

In 2010, permits were issued for work estimated at $14,647,316.

In 2011, some 19 new residential units were built. The building department approved

27 commercial and 14 institutional jobs.


La reconnaissance de notre expertise en soudage n’est plus à faire dans Prescott-Russell! Soudeur et métier connexe – machiniste

Début : 19 mars 2012 Durée : 38 semaines seulement Programme en préapprentissage de moins d’un an Des employeurs sont prêts à vous accueillir pour votre stage en milieu de travail de 8 semaines. Obtenez des certifications en Santé et sécurité! Conditions d’admission tåUSF±H¶EFBOTPVQMVT t"WPJSUFSNJO¶MB e année ou l’équivalent ou être °DS¶EJUTEFMPCUFOJS t)BCJUFSFUBWPJSMFESPJUEFUSBWBJMMFSFO0OUBSJP

Prestataires d’assurance-emploi admissibles!

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