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WHY OVER WHAT How to Be Outstanding

The calendar may claim that the year starts in January, but if you have kids in school, you know the year really starts in September. This is when my family looks at the upcoming school year and thinks about what we want to focus on. When I look ahead, there are two umbrellas I assess: personal and professional.

We’re building a framework that helps us become a little more outstanding every week.

There are a bunch of subcategories that make up the areas I want to focus on in my personal life. I want to be a great dad, a loving husband, and a force for good in the community. I also want to have an outstanding family life and keep a peaceful house for my kids to grow up in.

and be a great dad.” I’ve learned that remembering the why can help you get past your own personal hang-ups and really put in the effort to better yourself. This kind of framework is built on the fact that the why is so much more important than the what. The reason a lot of people struggle with their goals is because they focus on the outcome, not the motivation. But life is about the journey, not the destination. All of my goals, whether they are personal or professional, are unattainable in some way. What I mean by this is that there’s no finish line. The why is my goal, not the what, so I’ll never be done. There won’t be a time when I look at a checklist and say, “I’ve done all these things, so now I am a great dad and a loving husband.” I have to keep trying to be a great dad and a loving husband. At work, even if we generate more cases this year or learn some incredible new skills, we can’t mark these things off the list and call it good. We have to keep looking for ways to be more and do more.

Under the professional umbrella, there are other categories: ● Generate new cases ● Improve our skills as lawyers ● Expand the firm

● Fine-tune our processes ● Empower our team

After identifying each subcategory, I ask myself some questions. What can I do every week to improve in these areas? What are my short-term goals for the quarter? Where do I want to be a year from now? I answer these questions, and then I make regular check-ins to make sure I’m not focusing too much on a single area and becoming one-dimensional. Who cares if you make a bunch of money if your personal life suffers? The idea is to foster growth in every area. We met with our team back in May to look over the subcategories under the professional umbrella and asked everyone to bring their own list of categories they wanted to focus on. The overall goal is to be outstanding, and we’re building a framework that helps us become a little more outstanding every week. This framework helps us overcome those moments when we don’t feel like doing something. It’s a reminder as to why we need to do it. “Why do I have to wake up early every morning? Oh right, so I can make my kids breakfast

The way we become outstanding is by trying to be a little better every day.

–Case Barnett

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