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but then my neuroses got the better of me, and I decided this might not be the time to take a trip anywhere. So I pondered, “What would be the next best thing to traveling?” As I thought about my disappointment in not going on the trip, I started to reminisce about all of the places I have been. Then, I started looking at photographs of some of my past trips, and that became an adventure in and of itself. Many of my travel photos are probably like those of most people, pictures of interesting architecture, famous landmarks, and beautiful scenery. You would think those would be the photographs that, when I close my eyes, take me back to all of the places I have been. But I discovered those photographs did not evoke the most pleasurable and vivid memories. Instead, the photos that were totally unique to me helped me recreate the travel experience. The photograph someone took of me in the Dead Sea in Israel instantly made me recall the amazing experience of floating in the water. A picture of my two daughters at DisneyWorld just a fewmonths after they came here from Russia at 8 years old instantly brought back the frustration of them crying and whining about having to wait in line for every ride! As I looked at a picture of Leyla in Martha’s Vineyard, posing along with the life-size statues at Field Gallery and Sculpture Garden, I could hear how hard we all laughed as she tried to recreate a somersault. I sawValeria’s photos of the chocolates and pastries we ate during our trip to Paris, and my mouth watered as I recalled how we marveled at just howmany varieties there were and how we didn’t know what to pick.

I love to travel. Whenever I have the opportunity to get away, I always have difficulty deciding whether to revisit some of my favorite places or venture to new destinations. Although I’ve always found Japan intriguing, it wasn’t necessarily on my list of places to go until an interesting opportunity presented itself. As some of you know, my daughter Leyla is a professional wrestler. A fewmonths ago, she received an invitation from StardomWrestling in Japan to visit for three months to wrestle. Of course, I saw it as an opportunity not only for Leyla but also for me and my other daughter Valeria. As luck would have it, Valeria’s spring break would be during Leyla’s visit to Japan so, after spending hours on the internet researching hotels, attractions, etc., I booked what promised to be an amazing 10-day trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. And then COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus, happened. Once they raised the alert level in Japan from Level 1 to Level 2, I decided this was not the time to visit Japan (getting Leyla home is another story).

pictures of the well-known landmarks in any country in the world, but you can’t find any pictures that will become your unique memories. On my future trips, I will take fewer photos of buildings and scenery and more of the people I’mwith experiencing the things that make the trips unique — the things that will make us chuckle when we think back to that event, the things that will frustrate us but will become the stories we tell the most when we come home, or the things that we were too scared to do but did anyway and gave us something to boast about.

At first, I thought Valeria and I should just book a domestic flight, perhaps to somewhere warm,

This is the real reason we travel, and these are the memories to preserve.

–Wendy Bornstein

The takeaway frommy little trip down memory lane is that you can go on the internet and find | 1

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