SIRC Newsletter Issue 1 2020 EN


SIRC joins mega recycling initiative in Riyadh

BY 2035

81 %

of the 3.4 Mln tons of municipal waste per year

20 Mln tons

47 %

of demolition waste left in neighborhoods

of 4 Mln tons construction waste per year

The Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC), the National Waste Management Center and the Riyadh Municipality signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding (MoU) to start recycling activities in Riyadh. The three entities agreed to jointly work on the execution of the overall waste management strategy for Riyadh, to achieve a set of recycling strategic objectives by 2035. This notably includes recycling 81 percent of the 3.4 million tons of annually produced municipal waste in the Saudi capital, along with the 47 percent of the approximately 5 million tons of construction and demolition waste per year. The strategy further entails recycling of an estimated 20

million tons of construction and demolition waste, which is currently left in neighborhoods and on roadsides of the capital. As part of an integrated waste management system, SIRC will build state- of-the-art recycling facilities to recycle all types of waste. It will also convert municipal waste into recyclables such as fertilizer, paper, plastics and metals. The first initiative, as part of the MoU, will involve recycling of construction and demolition waste into construction and housing projects materials. This will be followed by building of a construction waste facility that sorts municipal waste in order to support the Riyadh Municipality’s program “City without bins”.

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