SIRC Newsletter Issue 1 2020 EN


Projects Development Department: Revving up for success

Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC) has begun its pursuit to treat waste, hence Projects Development Department (PDD) is gearing up to launch projects that aim to achieve Vision 2030 objectives of safeguarding the environment and driving the circular economy through recycling initiatives. The department works on developing and operating projects that are designed to increase landfill diversion rates and recycle waste in the Kingdom in collaboration with private sector companies by adopting best international practices. Its work scope covers initiation, planning, development and roll-out of projects in line with the company’s overall strategy and business development plan. Interpreting and scoping requirements of projects through detailed development plan, engaging and coordinating with other departments, preparing and drafting request of proposals, etc. are some of the prime responsibilities. Currently, the PDD is engaged in establishing SIRC’s first mobile construction and demolition waste recycling facility in Riyadh. The project proposes to recycle construction and demolition waste in the capital in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner. The move will significantly decrease the consumption of natural resources by introducing recycled aggregates to the market, which will be used in various new housing and development projects. The new facility in Riyadh will store, sort and crush 5,000 to 6,000 tons of construction and demolition waste into different fractions daily.

The PDD has been taking proactive steps, ensuring all the obstacles are surmounted by developing site specifications, assessing sites and reviewing regulations. And when it comes to determining the capacity and requirements of the recycling facilities, the department considers various elements such as the national targets for recycling and treatment, available waste volume, environment impact, existing market capacity, role of the private sector, investment requirements, and financial details of the projects.

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