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Winter 2017

Alumni Spotlight: Jorge Gonzalez’14 Senior at MIT pg. 4-5

Developing Young Men of Character through Faith, Leadership, and Academics

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Central Catholic Board of Directors Clarence Kahlig ’65- Chairman Dan Elder- Co-Vice Chairman Priscilla Gonzaba- Co-Vice Chairman Rev. Larry Doersching, S.M. - Secretary Jack Dysart ’68 Bob Elizondo Dr. Paul Garcia Paul Garro- President Dr. Thomas Gonzaba '78 Tony Liberto '82 Jason Longoria ’96- Alumni Association Pres. Andrea Marks Chris Martinez ’96 Alex Ojeda ‘96 Br. Mike O’Grady Dr. Tim Palomera '89 Dr. Erika Gonzalez-Reyes Judy Rettinger Richard Stagg ’66 Debra Stepan- Parent Club Pres. Bruce Tschoepe ’66 Dr. Aaron Tyler Alumni Association Board of Directors

Dear Central Catholic Family,

January 22 commemorates the feast of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade and his challenge for all of us to be more like the first disciple, Mary, the Mother of God. The Blessed Virgin invites us to embrace silence, meditate constantly on the mystery of her son and become witness to quiet humility and loving obedi- ence. So, if you have room for one more resolution during 2018, resolve to make time for silent meditation and space for quiet contemplation. For, it is per- haps in the silence that we are transformed and able to listen more attentively to God. If our prayer is continuous, and with regularity, in silence, then peace rises in our hearts, fatigue lessens, aggravation lifts, problems are alleviated, chal- lenges are put in perspective, joy emerges and our lives emanate with happiness.

Paul Garro, President

During the New Year’s morning Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis told those gathered that “devotion to Mary is not spiritual etiquette, it’s an exigency of Christian life.” “In a special way, Pope Francis said, contemplating the role of Mary in the Nativity Scene provides us with a spiritual founda- tion.” “Looking in silence, we allow Jesus to speak to our heart: his smallness tears down our pride, his poverty disturbs our pomp, and his tenderness moves our hard hearts,” Pope Francis said. In the year AD 40, according to tradition, the Virgin Mary appeared to Saint James the Great, in Zara- goza, Spain. Saint James was having a hard time evangelizing the northern region of Zaragoza and one night, as he prayed asking help for his plight, he suddenly beheld a great light in the midst of which he saw Our Lady surrounded by a multitude of angels. The Blessed Mother consoled James, and assured him help for his endeavors. She asked him to build a shrine on the spot she appeared, and as a token of her help to the region, left a marble column or pillar topped by a small statue of herself holding her In- fant Son. By the pillar, she left an angel to ensure the safety of the holy image until the end of time. According to ancient Spanish tradition, this apparition occurred on January 2nd, 40 AD. St. James built the first shrine on that hallowed spot, around which grew the present-day Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar of Zaragoza. Exiled from Bordeaux, France, during the French Revolution, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade fled to Zaragoza, Spain, where he spent many hours in prayer and meditation in front of Our Lady of the Pillar. During these moments of quiet contemplation, he experienced a spiritual awakening and vision for reconstructing the Christian Church in France. As members of the Central Catholic family, let us all find occasion for quiet contemplation so that we receive God's gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly, and return them with increase to the Lord. We need your collective visions and inspired participation in building the 21 st cen- tury church.

Jason F. Longoria ’96 - President Alex J. Ojeda ’96 - Vice President Hector Flores Jr. ’06 - Treasurer Dr. Charles P. Biediger ’84 - Secretary Ernest Herrera ’86 - Sgt-At-Arms

Joseph Acevedo '11 William Galindo ‘82 Andres Gonzalez ‘77 William Gonzalez '86 Mike Lemoine '83 William Long ‘00 Michael R. Lynch ‘79 Abe Luna '90 Josue Morales ‘02 Bobby Olivares ‘79 Wayne A. Ramirez ‘77 Ron Reyes '74 Royce Sample ‘83

Roland T. Tamez ‘94 Paul A. Zaldivar ‘77 Rene G. Zarazua ‘02 School Administrators Paul Garro, President Edward C. Ybarra ’83, Interim Principal and Vice Dan McCarthy, Director of Campus Ministry Paige Sciba, Director of Advancement and Planned Giving Paul Combest, Director of Operations Michael Gaffney, Director of Finance Fr. Sean Downing , Chaplain President of Student Development Millicent Marcha, Academic Dean


Paul Garro President of Central Catholic High School




The Bicentennial celebration has come to an end and what a wonderful tribute these past two years were to the 200 years of Marianist vocation. October 2, 1817, marks a historic day for the Society of Mary (Marianists), for it was on this day that young male laity came to Fr. William Joseph Chaminade with the intention of forming a religious institution under his direction. These young men chose as their mission to carry out Mary’s apostolic mission, to bring Christ to the world and lead others closer to him. To achieve this, the young Society of Mary committed themselves to forming others in faith, primarily through education as they still do today. January 2017 marked the official Bicentennial year for our Mar- ianist Brothers and Priests. The Marianist sisters, Daughters of Mary Immaculate, began their official Bicentennial year on May 25, 2016, the day when Venerable Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon founded the Marianist Sisters in Agen, France. Though there are two separate founding dates, the Society of Mary and the Daughters of Mary Immaculate share a spe- cial devotion to Mary and desire to create communities of faith. Therefore, it is fitting that Marianist religious celebrate their bicentennials together.

A Reflection from Fr. Sean Downing, S.M.

The past year of celebrating the Marianist bicentennial has been a time of renewal in the great gift of our Marianist contribution to the Catholic Church. We have a rich and deep history of forming men and women in faith so they can become witnesses to the Catholic faith and live the Marianist charism in the world. Fr. William Joseph Chaminade, Sr. Adele de Batz de Trenquelleon and Marie Therese de Lamourous left us great legacy in their commitment and zeal to live the gospel as the first apostles did in all of its fervor.

Going forth into the future we are energized by the witness of faith by the three founders.

We realize that religious life is changing but we are being renewed in going back to our Marianist roots in working with the laity in forming students in our Catholic faith and our Marianist witness of animating the faith. The motto of our bicentennial year will continue to resonate in me: To know, love and serve Christ. To know, love and serve Mary. To know, love and serve the Marianist charism.

Fr. Sean Downing , S.M.


I think there’s something really exciting about taking an idea or a design and turning it into a physical part or system and MIT’s mechanical engineering program lets me do that all the time. What are you involved in at MIT? What words of encourage- ment do you have for high school students to get them involved? Over the past few years I’ve been very involved in undergraduate research, I’ve worked extensively with MIT’s Precision Engineering Research Group(PERG) as well MIT’s Industrial Performance Center(IPC). Apart from academics I was also a member of MIT’s Varsity Track and Field Team for two years and am very active in my fraternity, where I’ve served as both the Social Chairman and Recruitment Chairman. I think the biggest piece of advice I have for current high school students is to find something your passionate about and pursue it relentlessly. And always remember that the moments you feel most discouraged are the moments when its most important to continue pushing yourself. J ORGE G ONZALEZ ’14 During his time at Central Catholic, Jorge Gonzalez, a 2014 graduate, served as the JROTC Brigade Commander, Executive Officer of the JROTC Physical Training Team, Vice President of the National Honor Society, a member of Button LIFE and the Spanish Club. He won numerous Track & Field awards including being named the Regional Champion in Pole Vault, was a recipient of the Harvard Book Prize Award, numerous Dux Esto awards, and the US Army Recruiting Command Award. Now a senior at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Jorge Gonzalez, has used his collegiate years to do more than just study. Get to know him in our newest young alumni interview. Alumni Spotlight

What are your fondest memories of Central Catholic High School? I have so many great memories from Central it’s tough to choose. One of my favorites is probably the State Track Meet in Waco my senior year. Getting the opportunity to travel to Waco and compete at the State Track Meet with some of my best friends was an awesome experience. Another memory that stands out is Corps Day my senior year. I was the Brigade Commander at the time and the reviewing officer was another CCHS Alumni and my uncle, Col. Justo Gonzalez ’66. The opportunity to show someone that I very much respect and admire the culmination of mine and my classmates hard work was very special. Why did you choose MIT (academics, stellar reputation, faith, extracurricular programs, etc)? What are you getting your de- gree in and why? There were lots of things about MIT that stood out to me, obviously the academic rigor and reputation were very important to me, but one thing that really set MIT apart from other schools was the cooperative culture. Many top schools are well known for their competitive nature, but not MIT. In fact, in my experience MIT professors and administration really encourage students to work together and I think that helps a lot of students, myself included, learn. I also appreciate that MIT’s engineering programs focus very much on designing and building things as a way of learning. I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. When I was little I loved designing and building things.


What have been a few of your greatest accomplishments thus far? My sophomore year, I became a published author after some of the research on harvesting uranium from seawater was published in the International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE). This past Fall I also had the privilege of being selected to run in the Boston Marathon this coming April. I’ll be running the marathon to raise awareness for suicide prevention and also raising money for Samaritans, Inc. a non-profit that provides life-saving suicide prevention and grief support services. There are a lot of teachers, faculty, and coaches at Central that had a huge impact on me. Teachers like SFC Bradford, Mr. Trigilio, and Ms. Schrader really pushed me to be the best version of myself I could possibly be. Coach Walker, who was my pole vault coach junior and senior year, also had a huge impact on my development as a student athlete and young man, something I really came to appreciate when I started competing for the Varsity Track and Field team at MIT. Track practice with him was definitely one of my more memorable experiences in my time at Central. Are there any teachers/coaches at CCHS that you feel had an impact on your post-high school career? How has receiving an education at Central Catholic impacted your collegiate years? Central Catholic taught me to hold myself to a higher standard. They taught me what it means to be both a student athlete and a man of integrity. The values I developed in my time at Central have supported me through the many challenges I’ve faced both at MIT and in my personal life. I couldn’t have asked for a better education.


Central Catholic Experience My

Senior, William Tondre, shares a piece of his journey at Central Catholic High School

Central Catholic, a place that means many different things to me- faith, education, friendship, and home. The past three and a half years that I have spent at Central have been some of the best years of my teenage life. Filled with memories of silly antics and many late nights of studying I can confidently say that the Central experience is something to be cherished. Ever since I was child I have labeled myself as a Christian, because my parents are Christians. But when I graduated from middle school and moved on to high school I became more educated in my faith, so I consciously made the decision to accept my religion as my own, rather than something I accepted because my parents practiced it. This decision occurred at the Marianist LIFE retreat in the summer of 2016. At this retreat when I looked up at the starry night sky I could feel the presence of God in nature and through the friends around me; and at that moment I was able to consciously accept God into my life. While I may not be Catholic, I can confidently say that Central has deepened my understanding of Catholicism and strength- ened my Christian faith. The education at Central is like no other school. The teachers and classes are both fun, engaging, and informative. While the curriculum can be challenging, I have learned how to balance my time and ask for help when necessary. A memorable teacher from my freshman year was my English teacher, Mr. Conner. Mr. Conner was an outstanding role model who motivated me to do my best on his projects and to give my 100% in all that I do. An all-boys environment is a unique experience that I have come to appreciate over the years. It has allowed me to stay focused on my studies and create many close and long lasting friendships that I will continue to cherish in the future.

Central Catholic is my home. Since my first year I have felt welcome and judge free. I appreciate my entire senior class (of 2018) and the swim team that I’ve had the honor of competing with. Another role model I look up to from Central Catholic is my swim coach, Kevin Gallivan, who introduced me to the school. He is energetic, motivating, and an exceptional coach who believes in all of swimmers. Being in such a positive environment allowed me to be myself, granted, boys will be boys and we'll banter each other, but at Central one can feel right at home. I'm proud and lucky to be a Central student. It's a privilege to attend such a historical school and I thank my parents all the time for sending me. While the tuition may be costly, you certainly get what you pay for. I can't think of any other school that I would rather be at, than Central Catholic High School.


Chaminade Guard

Qualifies for All-Army Nationals

On January 6, 2018 the Chaminade Guard Drill Team re-fired the engines on the Machine! And the Machine performed as expected, with perfection. They returned to the 5th Brigade drill pad, after 11 years, with Commander Cadet Captain Alicia McNulty at the helm. As well as the Chaminade/Provet Color Guard Commanded by Cadet Captain Olivia Phalen. The teams finished 2nd in Inspection, 4th in Regulation drill, 11th in exhibition drill and 11th in Color guard. This gave them an overall finish of 7th place earning them the right to attend the All Army National Competition on the 14th of April in Louisville Kentucky paid for by the US Army JROTC Cadet Command. These teams have been representing Central Catholic High School and Providence High School very well over the last two years. To achieve these feats it took, and takes, a lot of hard work and dedication from all of our cadets, including vacation time, after school practices along with weekend practices on the drill pad to make it all happen. MSG Herbert Robles said, “As their coach, saying I am proud of them is an understatement. All of their achievements come from the hard work and discipline they put into what they do.” Unlike any other sport that has a 3 month season these cadets compete from August to May! This team is heading places and we can not wait for what the future holds. The next competitions are as follows: Clark High School on Jan. 21, 2018, Brennan High School Feb, 17, 2018, El Paso ISD Feb, 24, 2018, O'Conner High School April 7, 2018, All Army Nationals April 14, 2018, Central Catholic High School April 21, 2018 to round out the season God willing.


Integrity Roofing Alumni Becomes 1st Title Sponsor of Homecoming Golf Tournament President of Integrity RSM Inc., also known as Integrity Roofing and Siding, Ronnie Suarez, is a proud alumnus from the class of 1992. During his years at Central Catholic High School, Suarez, was involved in football and track. His fondest memories range from time spent with classmates and teammates, hanging out in the “Quad,” traveling to athletic games and the annual Class Retreat. While he says he wasn’t academically at the top of his class, he attributes his education to his dedicated teachers who supported him, pushed him to be the absolute best he could be, and left a lasting impression. After spending two years at San Antonio College, Suarez went on to work in the family business. From there, going on to start, build, and sell multiple businesses over the year. Suarez got his start in the roofing business by working with his father, A.D. Suarez, who is also an owner of a roofing company. Recently, he made the decision to be the first Title Sponsor of the 2017 Alumni Association Homecoming Golf Tournament . Thank you for your support! Get to know him and why he chose to give back to CCHS.

Are there any teachers or coaches that you had Central Catholic that made an impact on your post-high school career?

Coach Enrico had a huge impact on my life. He taught me that hard work and perseverance was the true key to success. Col. Reck in JROTC taught me the importance of discipline, self-respect and pride in one's self. Mr. Bain also taught me the importance of being well written and expressing myself at a higher level than the average.

What have been a few of your greatest accomplishments thus far?

My greatest accomplishments in life thus far includes raising my oldest daughter Madison (16) to be a responsible young adult and raising my two sons Matthew (7) and Max (4) to be well mannered future Central Catholic Buttons. And of course, none of this would be possible without being married to my wonderful wife, Stephanie.

Do you have any advice for current students?

The best advice I can give to current students is to never let any- one tell you that you can't accomplish something! And ultimate- ly, no matter how many times you fail, never ever give up on your dreams. Recently you were the Title Sponsor for the Alumni Association Homecoming Golf Tournament. Can you share why you chose to give back to Central Catholic? I feel it is important for alumni to be active and give back to Central Catholic because together we can continue to support the

Brotherhood. I chose to give back because of what Central Catholic has done for me throughout my life. The Brotherhood, which alumni and students always speak about, is a lifetime network that I've always been able to turn to for my everyday life. Right now, Integrity Roofing & Siding is

My San Antonio

starting its 12th year in business, proudly employing three Central Catholic Alumni who play key roles within the company. Integrity Roofing & Siding's reputation is built on honesty, trust and a high level of customer service. I believe my years at Central Catholic helped build the necessary foundation for me to be where I am today.


Alumni Class Notes

Dr. Carlos Gutierrez Class of 1979 Recently Dr. Gutierrez was elected as the 2017 Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS).

We are excited to bring back Alumni Class Notes! We've all had a chance to travel life's path in different ways: incredible stories to tell, fun adventures to reveal, milestones to share, and lessons to learn. With over 9,000 living alumni around the world, we can't tell our whole story without sharing everyone else's. The new Class Notes section on our alumni webpage is the perfect avenue to let all your classmates know what is new with you, so show your Button pride by sharing your life update.


Bill Cleary Class of 2002

On October 17, 2017, Bill and his wife Hayley welcomed their daughter, Graham Marie Cleary. Wishing you all many blessings!

Alumni Class Ambassadors We are in the process of updating our Class Ambassador contact list and need your help! We understand that some Ambassadors' ability to volunteer may have changed over the years, so if you are currently serving as a Class Ambassador, or know someone that we should contact, please let us know and we will update our list. We currently do not have an Ambassador listed for the following classes: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to volunteer to represent your class! As a Class Ambassador, your time, energy and leadership are greatly appreciated, and valued to the CCHS community. By keeping your classmates connected, informed, and engaged, you are a key reason the Central Catholic experience continues. We believe the role of the Class Ambassador is critical to keeping a vibrant alumni association. Class Ambassadors know their classes better than anyone and can serve an important role in advancing the mission of Central Catholic. Thank you to all of the Class Ambassadors who attended our Class Ambassadors Social on Monday, January 22. It was a evening filled with important information and fellowship!

John Augusto Class of 1998

In October, John and his wife baptized their second daughter, Hazel Catherine at Saints Simon & Jude Catholic Church in The Woodlands, TX.


More information can be found on the website at: https://www.cchs- satx.org/page/alumni/class-ambassadors

Please contact Angela Sikorski, Advancement Manager for Constituent Relations, with any questions or updates at asikorski@cchs-satx.org or 210-225-6794 ext. 207


Alumni Happenings

The 2017 Annual Truck Raffle

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Truck Raffle fundraiser. Congratulations to Mrs. Martha Vasquez who was named this year’s winner of the 2017 Toyota Tundra! CCHS Junior Zachary Davidsmeyer sold her the winning ticket. Martha Vasquez works with Zach’s mother and drove down to Central Catholic on Friday night to celebrate with the Davidsmeyer’s after she received the unexpected call from President Paul Garro. "I got his voicemail about winning the truck and I thought it was a complete joke,” Martha stated Friday night. “I’m in complete shock! I’m very lucky!”

With the help from our community, we were able to EXCEED our goal of $165,000 and raised more than $207,000! The loyalty and determination we

receive from Central families and friends continues to amaze us more and more each year. Two key characteristics of a Marianist education are to educate in the family spirit and provide an integral, quality education. Central Catholic’s annual Truck Raffle provides

our community the ability to showcase these two specific characteristics. Our Cen- tral Catholic family of students, parents, faculty and staff, as well as our 9,000+ alumni, came together to put their combined efforts towards raising $207,000. This is an amazing accomplishment! Special shout outs to Truck Raffle Co-Chairs Lisa Pastrano and Christine Palomera for their guidance and leadership; to Margie Rodriguez from our maintenance staff who made a huge impact in our last few hours of sales; and to the entire Truck Raffle Committee for their har d wor k and dedication over the entir e eight weeks of the raffle—we couldn’t have done it without you all!

Thank you to the Central community for supporting the future of CCHS.

Homecoming Tailgates & Football Game

From tailgates to reunions to the After-Game party, this year’s Homecoming Game was full of excitement! With five class reunions, parent tailgates, a faculty and staff tailgate, and a new addition of the Recent Graduate Tailgate, the spirit of homecoming was felt by everyone. The idea behind the Recent Grad Tailgate steamed from the idea of having a dedicated space for this specific group of guys to hangout amongst the craziness of Central Catholic homecoming! More than 40 graduates from the classes of 2016 and 2017, were able to make it back to CCHS for an evening full of reminiscing, food, refreshments, desserts, and brotherhood. After the victory over

Antonian High School, alumni, family and friends were invited to the Alumni After-Game Party! Special thank you to the Alumni Association for hosting the After-Game Party and to their generous vendors who kept the party going. Homecoming is a celebration of the culture and traditions created by Central Catholic. It’s always a great time to gather together as a community to support the students and remember the personal connection you may have with our beloved school. We look forward to another fantastic homecoming in the fall! To see photos from the Recent Graduate Tailgate please click HERE .


Alumni Happenings

Alumni Association Homecoming Golf Tournament The Alumni Association held its 16 th Annual Central Catholic Alumni Association Homecoming Golf Tournament presented by Integrity Roofing & Siding on Sunday, November 5 at SilverHorn Golf Club. The Alumni Association Golf Tournament brings many alumni and supporters together to reconnect and meet new and old friends. Thank you to Andres Gonzalez ’77 and the Golf Committee for doing an amazing job on another successful year! Thank you to everyone who supported and participated in the tournament this year. Through the help of generous sponsors and participants, the Alumni Association was able to raise an event record of approximately $30,000. All net proceeds from the tournament benefit Central Catholic High School student scholarships and school and alumni programs. A special thanks to our sponsors: Title Sponsor, Ronnie Suarez ’92, Integrity Roofing & Siding; Central Electric, Coach USA, AXA Financial Advisors; Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio, Heineken USA, Wisdom Group and Ranch Investments; and to Hole Sponsors: BioTechs Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning, New Leaf Botanicals, Galindo Plumbing, Wayne Ramirez, Texas Property Brothers, Home Nursing & Therapy Services, State Rep Roland Gutierrez, Jason and Annelisa Longoria, Kevin O’Connell, Alamo ENT Associates, North Park Lincoln, Nico LaHood, Garza/Gonzales & Associates, The Gonzalez Brothers, Badgeman Promotional Products and the Palomera Family.

To view photos from the Alumni Association Homecoming Golf Tournament please click HERE .

Alumni Association Nominations

Central Catholic High School Alumni Association


We are currently seeking nominees for an open position on the Alumni Association Board, the governing body of the Central Catholic High School Alumni Association. If you're interested in this position, please contact Alex Ojeda ’96 at alexj.ojeda@usaa.com as soon as possible for an application form. The deadline to submit your application is Wednesday, April 25 and elections will be held on Tuesday, May 15.

Please note: a position on the Board entails a two-year commitment.


During Marianist Heritage Week, members of our professed Marianist began the school day with prayer. Each day a different priest or brother shared with us a moment of devotion. Use these prayers as we enter the conclusion of the Bicentennial Celebration.

At a young age, not unlike Jesus, Fr. Chaminade had a call, a choice like no other in his life. It was a de- fining moment that would forever effect his life. He could flee France or go undercover in Bordeaux. There, his story changes irreversibly, for in that city amidst the revolution. The faithful laity is the church and only because of those like Marie Therese de Lamourous and Mother Adele, had Fr. Chaminade the grace to serve as a priest. As we all know the Saragossa exile did not defeat him but it became a retreat and made him stronger. It became another turning moment, this was the time of his call to be a founder. Of being chosen, the granting of a vision of his vocation to bring France a new experience of being Church. A diverse commu- nity, dwelling together in one mind and heart, shaped as Christ by Mary our mother. Fr. Chaminade’s long life graced thousands in many ways. It still does today, but perhaps for his difficult and even at times desperate times. We also at times suffer through difficult experiences in life. What Fa- ther Chaminade offers most to us is the way he walked his talk, a testimony of faith and integrity. Sustained through prayer and staying with Christ. Time and again his efforts to make his vision happen were shattered. But like a brook he carried on, each time imagining new ways of moving on in fulfill- ment of the dream. Like Chaminade, we all know that in all things God works for good for those who love him. Not in just some general, cosmic way, but in Christ, who makes our hope, whom we see defeat undone. A love be- yond all price, which we wondrously we share here, dwelling in communion with him as he dwells in us.

168 years ago today!

Let us pray:

Lord Jesus, through your Mother you inspired Father Chaminade to awaken the sleeping faith of generations of young men and women. Blessed Chaminade, pray that the Lord Jesus and his Mother may bless us with a faith nourished by our Central Catholic culture, a faith that is contagious. Lord, grant us the courage to take responsi- bility for all our actions and the courage to carry each others’ burdens, willingly. Mary, this is your school, your family. May the immense potential for good that your Son has planted in hearts of each of our students unite them as brothers in Christ Jesus, proud to bear the name of Central Catholic. May the goodness and potential of our students continue to challenge and inspire greatness in our teachers, staff and administration. May the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be glorified in all places through the Immaculate Virgin Mary.


- Rev. Don Cowie, S.M.

- Rev. Sean Downing, S.M.




MARCH 24 Alumni Softball Tournament @ Rusty Lions Fields

APRIL 8 MG Golf Classic @ Quarry

The 5th Annual Central Catholic Gala is fast approaching! This year’s Gala builds on the theme of Christian discipleship by recognizing the meaningful experiences and persons that helped shape our spirit of service and community of faith. We will be offering a unique opportunity to honor a significant expe- rience of brotherhood, service, an important affiliation to a particular parish, a memorable retreat, a CCHS organization, a state championship team, a gradu- ating class, or perhaps, simply, someone that made a difference in your life (i.e. favorite teacher, deceased classmate, family member, mentor, role model, etc.). If you or someone you know would like to contribute items to this year's Gala auctions (silent or live) please click here for our donation request forms! Please reach out to Ms. Angela Sikorski if you are interested in donating. The strength of our auction depends on YOU! We look forward to seeing you at the Gala! Please know that the grateful pray- ers of the students, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff of Central Catholic are with you. Gala Auction Items Needed

APRIL 26 Fiesta Event Details TBD

MAY 4 Alumni Round Up @ CCHS

MAY 6 Mother-Son Liturgy and Luncheon @ Omni Colonnade

MAY 23 Alumni Association Senior Luncheon @ CCHS

To view a digital copy of the 2018 Gala invitation please click here .

MAY 24 Baccalaureate &

Graduation Ceremony @ St. Mary’s University

JUNE 1 Last Day of School


Notable Achievements

As the Central Catholic High School mission states, “We develop men for success through the development of scholarship, leadership, and moral character.” It’s no surprise, then, that our students and graduates are doing amazing things within CCHS and out in their communities. From winning awards and being selected for competitive programs around the country to making a difference in entertainment to being recognized for career achievements, these members are making Central Catholic proud. Do you know a high school or alumnus brother who should be featured? If so, please send his story to our Communications Manager, at news@cchs-satx.org.


* denotes alumnus member


Central Catholic Baseball Team Current Students

Central Catholic Soccer Team Current Students

In October, the CCHS Baseball Team visited with Kinetic Kids . The Kinetic Kids athletes paired up with Central Catholic athletes to show off some of the baseball skills they have been de- veloping this season. They fielded hits by Central athletes and hit off Central Catholic pitchers, with even a few home runs! Everyone in attendance had a blast!

We’d like to give a shout out to our Varsity Soccer team. Currently they are ranked #1 in the city and #24 nationally. Congratulations to Coach Cartee and all of the soccer athletes on this great accomplishment!

* Addison Walton Class of 2009


After graduating from University of Missouri School of Journalism in 2013, Addison wrote a book called, “From Immigrant Son to Legendary Scout.” The book tells the incredible story of Al LaMacchia, San Antonio local, legendary baseball scout.


Eric Oyervides Class of 2018

Senior, Eric, was selected to play for the West in the San Antonio Sports All Star Football Game 2018. Way to represent Central Catholic.


Central Catholic Band Current Students

* Guadalupe Gonzalez III Class of 2010

The State Champion Mighty Button Band has been invited to participate as a featured band performing their UIL show during this year’s Fiesta! CCHS is one of only three bands selected. They will perform before more than 18,000 fans during the festival evening.

Guadalupe Gonzalez was recognized by the State of Michigan as a member of the Hispanic/Latino Commission. In his spotlight he credited Central Catholic High School, which he believes laid the foundation for his academic success. To read the rest of his spotlight, visit the website HERE .



Notable Achievements

Robert Redman Class of 2021

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award is a program that recognizes both adults and children for their accomplishments in the community. The award is available to anyone who volunteers in the community who is apart of a nationally recognized program. As you go through the year, the managing authority keeps track of your hours and then submits a report to the verification team in Washington DC. Once the verification team certifies your hours they then issue appropriate awards based on the amount of hours completed. We would like to congratulate freshman, Robert Redman, on his recent accomplishment of receiving the Presidential Volunteer Service Award! “My parents are very proud of me for obtaining national recognition for my achievements. They have allowed me to participate in Scouting since I was in the 2nd grade, and supported me in joining the San Antonio Young Marines when I was just 10 years old. The Young Marines is a veteran organization that focuses on leadership, drug awareness and veteran service. I am currently a Gunnery Sergeant in the Young Marines.

The service activities I participate in vary depending on what organization I am doing them with. When I am with

the Boy Scouts, we do a lot of conservation projects, which include rebuilding stone wall structures at Bear Creek, improving trails at local parks and also at scout ranches. On the other hand, when I’m serving with the Young Marines, we concentrate on serving our veterans. My unit, the San Antonio Young Marines, created a program called Ramp for Warriors . Any veteran needing a ramp built at their home, to assist them in getting inside is provided free of cost by my unit. Typically, we arrive at their home, clean and build the ramp. Our unit has been recognized nationally for this program!”

Jude Garcia Class of 2019 Junior, Jude Garcia, was recently selected to represent Central Catholic this summer at the Academy of Future Medical Leaders of Technology. Way to go!

JROTC Cadets Current Students Congratulations to Cadet of the

Month of December, Freshman- PFC Noah Jones, Sophomore- SSG Nathan Staver, Junior- Bryan Onghai, Senior - Matthew Onghai.

Millicent Marcha & Alex Rivard Faculty

Maroun Harb Class of 2019

Congratulations to one of our faculty members, Social Studies teacher, Mr. Alex Rivard, and our Academic Dean, Ms. Millicent Marcha, for graduating with their Masters Degree in Educational Leadership in December!

Junior, Maroun Harb, placed second at his classical piano competition with the “Tuesday Musical Club.” You can watch a video of his performance linked HERE .


Calling All Subcontractors!

While recognizing that people shape the heart of our beloved Central Catholic High School, facilities do mat- ter. Over the past several years, we have improved our enterprise-wide internet access, increased the integra- tion of technology, built a new Biology lab (with renovated classrooms) and updated our Chemistry lab. We have improved our football field/stadium, improved our historical basketball court with new lighting, sound, projection, and fresh surfaces. Also, we have an exceptional baseball field and practice field. We increased the capability of our engineering classroom and added a dedicated robotics lab. We constructed a state-of-the art Global Communications lab and will soon have committed space for our cyber security program. We tripled the space for our arts program and upgraded our band hall. Recently, we expanded our footprint with the pur- chase of the old St. Joseph’s Credit Union. Perhaps the most visionary addition to our facilities was the crea- tion of a new library and additional classrooms that helped us receive the blessings of increased enrollment. Facilities do matter to enhance the student experience, to create additional spaces for faith formation and char- acter development and to be an anchor institution in an emerging innovative downtown district. Next, we are excited to be on the threshold of building a convocation center (and plan for re-purposing the gained space). Our architect, LPA will be distributing construction documents to the following General Con- tractors (GC’s) for bidding. Documents are planned to be available March 2. Our plans to break ground are de- pendent on the pace by which we can raise necessary funds. If you desire to be considered in the GC’s bid, please coordinate with the GC’s below to acquire documents.

Bartlett Cocke


Jordan Foster

Koehler Company


We understand that as part of the CCHS family you may want to contribute services or materials to lessen Cen- tral Catholic’s financial obligation. In order to facilitate this please submit your proposal to the GC(s) as a full proposal and then list as your contribution (material, labor, OH & P, etc., or any combination) as a “Central Catholic Voluntary Deduction”. The GC will use your full proposal cost less the Central Catholic voluntary deduction as your final cost that will form part of the GMP. Solely at their option we are going to allow the GC to use the ‘full proposal’ cost to determine their OH & P so they are not affected financially by using a dis- counted sub bid. We will begin negotiation with the low GMP of the five above listed general contractors. To ensure transparency, our selection process will include a thorough vetting of the selected general contractors’ subcontractor list and their bids.

We will reveal the conceptual designs of this multi-purpose facility, the status of our campaign and launch our call for widespread community participation in this momentous project at our annual gala February 17, 2018.

Enthusiastically, Paul Garro President of Central Catholic High School


San Antonio Marianists Featured in

Content Provided by Carol Dexter, Senior Communications Manager at Family Online

The average age of the eight Marianist brothers and priests who live in the Central Catholic High School community in San Antonio is 81. Not a single one is retired.

For these men, as for most Marianists, remaining active past normal retirement age is an extension of Blessed Chaminade’s teaching that “you are all missionaries.” The founder’s sentiment doesn’t indicate any end date of this obli- gation. Health permitting, Marianist brothers and priests continue active ministry well into their 70s or even 80s.

The Marianists at Central Catholic — Frs. Jim Mueller, Don Cowie and Gerry Haby , and Bros. Richard Martens, Harry Cornell, Irwin Wachtel, Ed Loch and Jim Burkholder — live this missionary spirit to the fullest.

“These dedicated men live a consecrated life given to the service of Mary and the Church,” says Fr. Martin Solma, provincial. “It’s their missionary spirit that underpins everything else.”

Read more about these Marianists in the current issue of Alive magazine.




Help Us Build the Class of 2022

We need your help to build the Class of 2022! As an alumnus, parent, or friend of Central Catholic, there are many ways you can help us build our incoming freshman class. Do you know of any families that could benefit from joining the Central Catholic family? If so, share their name with Bethany Herman, Director of Enrollment, and we will reach out to them.

Here are a few ways you can help us recruit for the Class of 2022:

 Encourage parents of 8th grade students to schedule a shadow day at Central. (More Information Here)

 Host an event at your home for prospective CCHS families

 Spread the word about upcoming CCHS events, your own personal Central stories, and share your Button pride with everyone! We know we can always count on our Central Catholic community, and thank you for your continuous support in building outstanding classes.

Become A Family Host

Central Catholic has had the unique opportunity to pilot an International Student Program. This program adds diversity to the student population and aligns with the Marianist charism. We are people of community joined together in service to others. What better way to provide service than to welcome a visiting student into your home! In anticipation for future international students, there is a request for potential host families. A host family has the responsibility of providing a student with a safe, supportive and loving home for an academic year. As a student joins your family, he would be encouraged to participate in all aspects of family life. This personal learning experience fosters the exchange of ideas and provides a student with exposure to the cultural and social environment of the home. A host family is compensated to cover day-to-day food expenses and accommodation expenses. If your family is interested in being a host family, please contact Bethany Herman, Director of Enrollment, for more information.



In Remembrance

Central Catholic High School mourns the loss of its alumni and family. On this page, we pay homage to fellow Buttons who have recently passed away. Please note, this information is updated by our Central Catholic records. If you wish to submit information on an alumnus who has passed away, please email our Database Manager, Elisa Vitagliano at evitagliano@cchs-satx.org. If you would like to submit a personal message, you may also submit a Class Note online. All information will be verified before your note is published. “… We thank you, Lord, for allowing us to share in the life, joys, and sufferings of our dear friends. May their life and death deepen our bonds of faith, hope, and charity. May our prayers help bring them and all of our deceased family members ‘into the light of your face.’ We ask you, Lord, to bring comfort and courage to their family and friends. May your Mother, Mary, pray for all of us ‘now and at the hour of our death.’” - Rev. Don Cowie, S.M.


The Blue and White Newsletter is the quarterly newsletter of Central Catholic High School.

HOW TO MAKE AN ADDRESS CHANGE Go to www.cchs-satx.org, Alumni, Submit a form under Update Your Information . HOW TO SUBMIT NEWS STORIES Send all news with a photo to news@cchs- satx.org. All submissions are subject to editing. Please include full names in articles. Photos must be of good quality. HOW TO SUBMIT CLASS NOTES To submit an alumni class note, please submit a form online at www.cchs-satx.org/ page/alumni/class-notes WANTING TO ORGANIZE A REUNION? To begin organizing a class reunion, please contact Lisa Ybarra in the Advancement Office at lybarra@cchs-satx.org or (210) 225-6794 ext. 247. Paige Sciba, Director of Advancement & Planned Giving Annette Castillo, Communications Manager Angela Sikorski, Parents & Alumni Lisa Ybarra, Reunions & Boosters Elisa Vitagliano, Database, Stewardship & Gift Processing ADVANCEMENT CONTACTS

Frank Liberto ’50

Thomas Weaver ’50

Robert Weyel ’60

Leonard Gittinger ’49

Nolie R. Torbert - ‘47

Dolores Pantusa (Mother of Matthew Pantusa ’82 & Mother-Law to Tom Gonzaba ’78)




M ISSION OF C ENTRAL C ATHOLIC H IGH S CHOOL Central Catholic High School is a college preparatory school educating young men, from diverse backgrounds, in the Marianist tradition for success through the development of scholarship, leadership and moral character.

Marianist Heritage Week Celebrations

Fr. Chaminade Visited Classes

Campus Ministry Designed Festive Marianist Heritage Week T-Shirts

Mass Celebrant and Concelebrants


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