Merlino & Gonzalez January 2019

January 2019





Why I Love Working With M&G

Even though the majority of the work I do is residential, I’ll take on a commercial renovation under the right circumstances. Because I already knew John was an ideal client, I didn’t hesitate when he asked us to spearhead the office revamp at Merlino & Gonzalez. It’s always an honor to be asked to do a second project for a previous client, as there’s no greater sign of a job well-done. The Merlino & Gonzalez office was a great project for us, and I’m thrilled that everyone is happy with the result. In addition to John being a client of mine, I’m also a client of his. In my real estate dealings, I always use John and his team for any legal needs. When I have clients who ask me for a good real estate lawyer in the area, John’s name is always the one I bring up. His attention to detail, exceptional communication skills, and ability to roll with the punches set him apart. The same is true of everyone at Merlino & Gonzalez. I’ve never had one less-than-stellar interaction with anyone at the firm. There aren’t many service providers you can say that about in any aspect of life, so I recommend Merlino & Gonzalez without reservation. We’re truly lucky to have them in our area. When I’m not working, the bulk of my time is spent with my wife, Cynthia, and my 12-year-old twins, Vincent and Vanessa. Vincent is a dedicated baseball player, and Vanessa is always participating in some awesome artistic or otherwise creative projects. Between the two of them, they keep me plenty busy, but it’s the good kind of busy. At Monello Enterprises Inc., we specialize in custom home building and expert renovations, including roof raises and major additions. We serve Staten Island and North Jersey. If you are thinking about renovating in 2019, check out MonelloEnterprises. com to learn more about us and see examples of our work. –Vinny Aiello

Many of our clients remark on how beautiful our office looks. While we’d like to take some credit for that, the lion’s share of praise belongs to Vinny Aiello of Monello Enterprises Inc. Vinny and his team helped create the office of our dreams, and they can work the same magic on your home. Whether you’re building from scratch or need a major renovation, Vinny is the guy to call. I say that from personal experience, as before he renovated our office, he custom-built my home.

I first met John Merlino when he hired me to build his house. All of my jobs are memorable, but working with John stands out because it was the start of a wonderful relationship. As you can imagine, working as a residential home builder requires constantly balancing a client’s hopes and expectations with what’s possible. In some cases, that can lead to a lot of push and pull between the client and our team. John’s home was the opposite. It was a pleasure working with him from start to finish. Maybe it’s because John is very familiar with the nature of real estate through his work, but he was a dream client no matter how you slice it. He’s also just a great guy.



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