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OCT 2018


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Like many of you, when I was a kid, both my parents worked, so my sister and I went to daycare. My mom and dad made sure to make surprise visits to check on us when they could take a break from work. This isn’t a luxury every parent has, nor should it have to be. We were fortunate that our daycare facility did exactly what they were supposed to do — they took care of us and made sure we were safe while my parents were working. Far too often, though, we get calls from frantic parents wondering what they should do after their child is injured at a daycare. They think they’re bad parents, which, in most cases, is the furthest thing from the truth. A lot of parents are around my age, and I relate to what they’re going through. Before we took the step to become daycare lawyers, I began to see more and more negligence issues in daycares. It wasn’t just my friends; it was clients and team members and their friends who all had this same challenge of finding a trustworthy care center for their children. Combined with the fact that kids are so vulnerable and parents are working hard to put food on the table, we saw a huge need. Not a lot of lawyers were focusing on daycare cases, and people started referring them to us. We took it to the next level and started putting ourselves out there to let parents know we are here for them. The older I get, the more I understand how fragile life is, and I can’t accept that some of these facilities don’t understand their responsibility when it comes to a child’s life. They’re putting too many kids in a room, hiring unqualified teachers, and doing a lot of things we want to put a stop to. I hope that one day I’m put out of business as far as daycare negligence is concerned. I want to influence change so that there aren’t any daycare injury cases because all facilities practice responsible care for our children. But I also know it won’t happen overnight, and we’ll have to make this change gradually, one case at a time. That’s why we’re here. WHY WE’RE TAKING ON IRRESPONSIBLE DAYCARES WE SAW A NEED

In addition to fighting for our clients whose children have been wronged by a daycare facility, we’ve been working hard on some free resources for parents. The best thing we can do after enforcing the law when it comes to daycare negligence is to empower our community with the knowledge to demand better care. To this end, we put together a guide for parents faced with the unimaginable scenario of a child injured at a daycare facility. This is a good place to start for anyone trying to figure out the next steps. We also put together a free report that has tips for helping parents choose a safe daycare. Both are available at buttonlawfirm.com/reports. The hardest thing about seeing these cases is knowing they are preventable. Let’s put an end to facilities and individuals thinking they can get away with putting our children in harmful situations. This is not acceptable, and together, we can put an end to it.

–Russell Button



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