2020 Leadership Summit


FISCAL POLICY PRIORITY: BIA believes fiscally conservative state budgets with a business-friendly regulatory and tax structure are an important part of the New Hampshire Advantage. Positions include: • Support efforts to reduce business enterprise tax and business profits tax rates and oppose any proposal that would increase these taxes. • Oppose an income tax or sales tax. • Support efforts to identify and implement opportunities for improving efficiencies in state government. • Support efforts to allow the state to better target education aid. • Support efforts to reform New Hampshire’s public employee retirement system that address and reduce the significant unfunded liability of the fund. • Support efforts to reform and improve New Hampshire’s business regulatory environment. • Strengthen initiatives that improve and expedite business interaction with the state. • Support and encourage efforts to reduce the regulatory burden on NH businesses operating in multiple states. • Support increased flexibility for NH’s use of COVID-19 relief-related federal grants and revenues such that those revenues can be used to replace State revenue shortfalls or additional expenses resulting from COVID-19 pandemic. PRIORITY: BIA supports business tax policies that foster economic growth. Positions include: • Oppose efforts to repeal or reduce the BET credit against the BPT. • Support efforts to improve NH’s research and development tax credit and oppose any effort to reduce or repeal this credit. • Support efforts to improve Net Operating Loss deductions in New Hampshire. • Support federal and state efforts to allow the receipt of money provided for COVID-19 relief to businesses to be tax-free if granted or forgiven as a loan. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PRIORITY: BIA supports efforts that increase the availability and affordability of housing for working people. Positions include: • Support practical and reasonable efforts that increase affordable housing stock in New Hampshire. • Oppose any efforts to roll back or repeal core principles of workforce housing legislation, accessory dwelling unit legislation and the establishment of a statewide administrative housing appeals board. PRIORITY: BIA recognizes the critical role of infrastructure in fostering a healthy, growing economy. Positions include: TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE • Advocate for adequate investment in New Hampshire’s road and bridge network as well as consideration of long-term mass transit alternatives. • Oppose diversion of constitutionally protected highway fund revenue for non-highway, non-bridge-related programs. • Support efforts to increase federal transportation aid to the state.

WATER INFRASTRUCTURE • Educate policy leaders and the public about water infrastructure (water supply, wastewater and storm water) and dams that are at the end of their design life and/or exceeding capacity. • Support efforts to secure funding for water infrastructure improvement. TELECOMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE • Support efforts to expand private sector telecommunications infrastructure throughout the state to improve access, quality, and reliability. • Support efforts to ensure that state and municipal telecommunications policies are fair and promote sustained investment and equal competition among all service providers. HUMAN RESOURCES, HEALTH CARE, WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT PRIORITY: BIA supports business-friendly labor rules and regulations that balance the rights and responsibilities of workers and management and promotes a safe and secure workplace. Positions include: • Oppose efforts that hinder or remove an employer’s ability to make sound hiring and management decisions. • Support revision of state administrative labor regulations to provide greater clarity, consistency and uniformity between state and federal requirements for employers. • Support efforts that ease the administrative burden placed on multi-state employers. • Support legislation which recognizes increased use of technology in business, and protects business interests as it relates to communication between employer and employee, privacy and security. • Support private sector right-to-work legislation in New Hampshire. • Oppose rulemaking or legislative proposals that favor organized labor interests over those of business. PRIORITY: BIA supports efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of life in New Hampshire. Fostering a welcoming environment for all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity or place of origin, sexual orientation, gender, or ability enhances New Hampshire’s cultural fabric, economic growth, global competitiveness, and overall prosperity for current and future generations. Positions include: • Support efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. • Support efforts to recruit, hire, support and retain qualified employees with diverse backgrounds and experience. PRIORITY: BIA supports efforts to develop New Hampshire’s future workforce and to attract and retain new talent. Positions include: • Increase awareness about careers in manufacturing, technology, health care and the skilled trades. • Support high standards, competency-based experiential education, hands-on learning and appropriate assessment tools that better prepare young people with the skills and professional behaviors necessary to be ready for post-secondary education and/or the workforce upon graduation from high school. • Advocate for funding and policies that reduce the cost of public


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