2020 Leadership Summit

PROGRAM agenda continued Wednesday, December 16: 9:00 AM Setting The Record Straight on 5G Technology

A legislative commission has released a report expressing concerns for public health with the roll out of new 5G technology. A minority report tried to balance and correct misleading information. Now you can hear from the technology companies themselves about the benefits of new high-speed 5-G technology. Panelists: Senator Jim Gray, NH Senate District 06 and Beth Cooley, assistant vice president, State Legislative Affairs for the Cellular Telecommunications In - dustry Association (CTIA). 10:00 AM​ Factors Affecting Business Location Decisions: Manufacturing drives New Hampshire’s economy in ways no other sector does. Learn about key factors that determine where these employers locate and grow. Panelists: Kim Cadorette, vice president of operations, BAE Systems; David Greer, CEO, Wire Belt Company of America; and Tom Jokerst, general manag - er, Anheuser-Busch. 11:00 AM The Case for a Legal Safe Harbor: Employers are increasingly concerned about exposure to unwarranted litigation due to the pandemic. Learn more about this pressing fear and how policymakers in other states are addressing it. Panelists: Senator Bob Giuda, NH Senate District 2; James Harris, associate gen - eral counsel, Sheehan Phinney; and Justin Vartanian, general counsel, Planet Fitness World Headquarters. ###

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